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"Boburhonlik" memorial evenings were held in university dormitories

  In honor of the 540th anniversary of the birth of the great poet and thinker Zahiriddin Muhammad Babur, on January 14, the women's advisory council of Samarkand State Medical University, together with the Faculty of Medical Prevention, Public Health and Medical Biology and the Faculty of International Education in student dormitories No. 2 and 3, held on the topic " Ruler and poet” creative evenings “Boburkhonlik”.

  At the events, students were given detailed information about the life and work of the writer, his creative activity, contribution to the unification of lands, improvement and architecture on the land of Hindustan. The participants were particularly impressed by the images of Babur-Mirza and Pokiza-Sultan, skillfully performed by foreign students.

  The events were held in a warm atmosphere, full of monologues. Particularly active students were encouraged by the organizers.

SamSMU press service