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"We are the descendants of al-Biruni" meeting

  On February 13, the meeting "We are the descendants of al-Biruni" was held at the Samarkand State Medical University in order to promote the information on life, scientific and educational activity of Abu Rayhan Muhammad ibn Ahmad al-Biruni and his contribution to the development of world civilization. The event was attended by representatives of the department of youth affairs, spirituality and enlightenment, administration of the Academic Lyceum, the teaching staff of the Department of Social Sciences and Humanities of the University and students.

  During the meeting, teaching staff of Department of Social Sciences and Humanities informed participants about life and works of Abu Reyhan Biruni, his most significant scientific works, showed video clips on his activity in science. The participants were given detailed information about the contribution of the great scientist and enlightener Abu Reyhan Biruni to the development of astronomy, physics, mathematics, cultural studies and medicine, and noted that his contribution to these and other sciences earned him a place of honor among the great figures of world science.

SamSMU press service