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An event was held in connection with the 582nd anniversary of the birth of Alisher Navoi

  The Alisher Navoi Central Recreation Park in Samarkand was crowded with representatives of state and public organizations, professors, teachers, writers, poets, students and pupils. The team of Samarkand State Medical University actively participated in this event.

  On the occasion of the 582nd anniversary of the great thinker's birth, an event was held at the foot of the statue of Alisher Navoi, installed in the center of the park. It reflected on the life of our great-grandfather, rich cultural heritage and his contribution in the education of young people today. It was noted that Hazrat Navoi's works have become an invaluable spiritual heritage of the world's population .

  At the event, extracts of Navoi's ghazals and rubai were read by the students.

  Actors of the regional musical drama theater presented a scene depicting the image of Hazrat Navoi. Flowers were placed at the foot of the poet's statue.

SamSMU press service