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We Youth against Drug Abuse" meeting

  On February 3, a meeting with students under the slogan "We youth against drugs" was held at Samarkand State Medical Institute. The event was attended by representatives of the rectorate, the faculty and students, as well as guests of the meeting - employees of the Samarkand regional Internal Affairs department for combating drug trafficking D. Karimov, A. Murodov and T. Namozov.

  Thus, the speakers informed the participants of the event on combating the spread and use of narcotic drugs in Samarkand region, their great harm to human health, especially the younger generation, the socio-economic consequences of drug abuse, ruined families, destructions and other adverse effects. The speakers particularly emphasised the ongoing state youth programmes, all-round state support for talented youth in terms of scientific, sports and various creative activities.

  The participants of the meeting were also shown video and photo reports on the pernicious consequences of drug use.

  At the end of the event, gratitude was expressed to the guests for their interesting speeches and the importance of delivering the discussed issues to all students and staff of the university.

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