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Korean experts conduct master classes in Samarkand

  The Samarkand State Medical University hosted a seminar on combating ageing with participation of specialists led by Professor O. Bomjo from Seoul National University of Korea. The seminar was attended by professors and lecturers of the Endocrinology Department of the University, clinical residents, undergraduates and students, city and district endocrinologists.

  During the seminar speakers stated that life expectancy in Uzbekistan is 76 years for women and 74 years for men. Modern innovative methods for diagnostics and treatment of diseases have been widely introduced in the country. It has been particularly noted that the cooperation of Samarkand State University with leading institutions of higher education and medical centres abroad is yielding prompt results.

  Thus, "Most elderly people over 60 regularly take medicines due to health problems, or chronic diseases lead to disability," said Professor Oh Bomjo of Seoul National University, "And this situation is observed throughout the world. In order to avoid this, even at an advanced age, it is necessary to follow the seven basic rules of healthy lifestyle and live a long life. That is, eat right, be physically active, sleep 7-8 hours a day, do not use tobacco, do not consume alcohol, maintain a normal body weight and be sure to eat breakfast.

  After the event, the Korean guests conducted an interactive master class for patients and healthy residents over the age of 40 undergoing treatment at the Samarkand branch of the Republican Specialized Endocrinology Research Medical Center named after Y.Turakulov. As a result of the medical examination, more than one hundred patients received the necessary recommendations from Korean specialists.

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