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Samarkand State Medical University Neurosurgery and Neurorehabilitation Centre will collaborate with Krishna Institute of Neurosurgery (India)

  Head of Samarkand State Medical University Neurosurgery Department, PhD, associate professor M.Aliev took part in KIMS International neurosurgical conference and opening of Aesculap neurosurgical skills laboratory at Scientific Research Institute of Neurosurgery of Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences in Karad, Republic of India, on January 26-29. A member of student scientific society "Young neurosurgeons" of department of neurosurgery, the student of 5 course of medical faculty №1 K.A.Kuvondikov also took part in this conference.

  Thus, Dr. Aliev made a scientific report at the conference on the experience of scientific and practical work of the neurosurgery department and the corresponding department of multi-disciplinary clinic of Samarkand State Medical University.

  During the conference an official opening ceremony of the educational laboratory of Aesculap (Germany), equipped with the latest neurosurgical equipment and instruments, including operating microscopes, neuroexoscopes, neuroendoscopes, neuronavigation systems, S-Ray machines, ultrasound aspirators, bipolar coagulators and electrospinning devices, was held at the Scientific Research Centre of Neurosurgery Krishna. In terms of equipment and focus, this laboratory is the only educational laboratory of its kind in South East Asia.

  The Krishna Centre's laboratory, under the guidance of leading professors of neurosurgery, held master classes on "Methods of micro-neurosurgical operations of access to anterior, middle and posterior cranial pockets", "Dissection of cerebral grey and white matter" for the participants of the international forum, "Transnasal transsphenoidal surgery for pituitary tumours", "Fixation of the atlanto-occipital joint", "Transpedicular fixation implantation", "Ventral surgical technique for intervertebral disc herniation in the neck". Within the programme of academic mobility the head of neurosurgery department of Samarkand State Medical University, associate professor M.A.Aliev conducted lectures for masters-residents of the Centre of neurosurgery Krishna.

  Also as part of the conference programme M.A. Aliev took part in an operation of clipping a cerebral vessel aneurysm of complex localization using an exoscope.

  During the visit, as a result of fruitful negotiations, an agreement was reached to establish cooperation with Krishna Neurosurgery Centre on training highly skilled specialists with the Specialized Scientific and Practical Centre for Neurosurgery and Neurorehabilitation at Samarkand State Medical University.

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