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SamSMU clinic specialists conduct in-depth medical examination in Jambay district

  Strengthening of public health, formation of healthy lifestyle and provision of high quality primary medical care is the essence of reforms in the field of medicine.

  With this purpose, a working group of highly qualified specialists, led by chief physician of the Samarkand State Medical University's Specialized Pediatric Surgery Clinic, Professor J.A.Shamsiyev, held an in-depth medical examination of children in Jambay district of Samarkand region on January 21.

  Thus, the examination focused on identifying children with surgical diseases and congenital malformations. More than 85 children were examined by qualified urologists, paediatric surgeons, paediatricians and intensive care specialists of the working group. The examination revealed 30 children with various surgical diseases and their parents were recommended to receive further treatment in a specialized children's surgical clinic. Necessary explanations and recommendations on healthy lifestyles were also given to representatives of the district's population.

  On-site medical check-ups by qualified specialists from Samarkand State Medical University clinics are conducted on a regular basis.

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