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Educational meetings on the International Day of Persons with Disabilities

  On the "International Day of Persons with Disabilities", representatives of the Department of Phthisiology of the Samarkand State Medical University conducted educational work on tuberculosis and disability due to this disease, in student dormitory No. 1. In the last decade, tuberculosis has been one of the most pressing problems worldwide, leading to disability in 13% of cases, and more than a third of patients with active tuberculosis have a disability.

  Also, the staff of the department invited representatives of the Samarkand branch of the Republican Scientific and Practical Medical Center for Narcology, chief physician N. Kenzhaeva and narcologist S. Baymirov, who spoke about the negative consequences of drinking alcohol, nicotine-containing products, drugs and other psychotropic substances that are a serious problem for public health in the world.

  At the end, interactive games, a coffee break were held, prizes were awarded to active participants, words of gratitude and appreciation were heard. Also, the staff of the Department of Phthisiology visited the regional nursing home for the elderly and people with disabilities "Sakhovat", where, together with the chief physician S. Javadova, conversations were held with residents, gifts were presented, congratulations and wishes were voiced.

SamSMU Press service