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    University employees performed high-tech neurosurgery in Jambai district

      Representatives of the department of neurosurgery and department of intensive care and anaesthesiology and leading staff members of Samarkand State Medical University's Clinic No.1 performed a complex high-tech neurosurgical operation at the Jambai District Medical Association of the region.

      The patient with intracerebral tumour in the left frontal lobe of the brain, confirmed by the district medical association, was recommended for surgical treatment. Taking into consideration patient's place of residence and social status, on the proposal of Jambai district medical association administration, on 22nd of July, representatives of Samarkand State Medical University managed to perform this highly complex high-tech surgery. The operation was attended by clinical residents of the departments of traumatology and orthopaedics, intensive care and surgery of Jambai district medical association, as well as medical students, who gained practical knowledge on the complex neurosurgical operation.

      The surgical intervention ended with a complete absence of negative neurological consequences in a patient with a complex diagnosis.

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