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Dean of the Faculty of International Education meets with students

  On May 12, 2022 a meeting was held with Dean of the Faculty of International Education of Samarkand State Medical University and the students of the faculty studying on joint international programs "double diploma". The meeting was also attended by the staff of the Dean's Office and tutors of the Faculty of International Education.

  Addressing the participants of meeting, the Dean of the Faculty, Associate Professor S.E. Mamaradjabov spoke about the measures being taken by the faculty to improve the quality of teaching and educational process, conditions being created at the university for students to spend their leisure time in sports, learning of foreign languages and scientific activities. During the meeting a special emphasis was placed on the improvement of discipline, therefore some students were reprimanded for absences and unsatisfactory marks. It was emphasised that the students of the faculty, being already involved in international education, should stand out for their discipline, their craving for knowledge and being active in the social life for others.

  The meeting took the form of an open dialogue and all questions and suggestions of the Faculty's students were also listened to.

Press service of SamSMU