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Lectures on a healthy lifestyle and a medical examination for residents of the mahalla

  On 8 April 2022, the Faculty of Medical Prevention, Public Health and Medical Biology of Samarkand State Medical University together with specialists from the clinical departments conducted a visit to Kuksaroi mahalla in Samarkand. Fifth year students of the Faculty also took part in the visit.

  Within the framework of the visit, a lecture on "Healthy Lifestyle" was organized by A.T. Safarov, Associate Professor at Samarkand State Medical University, during which he spoke in detail about the need for physical activity and good nutrition as prerequisites for a healthy life. Doctors from Family Polyclinic No. 2 in Samarkand supplemented the lecture with their speeches.

  On 9 April, representatives of the Paediatrics Department visited a gathering of citizens of Istiqbol mahalla. As part of the visit, Assistant Professor A.A.Oslamov and doctors from Family Polyclinic No.3 conducted a class on the basics of healthy lifestyle.

  In both mahallas, highly qualified staff from the institute - doctors of particular specialities, including ophthalmologists, therapists, paediatricians, neurologists, obstetrician-gynaecologists, endocrinologists, ENT doctors and oncologists - conducted in-depth medical examinations and gave the necessary advice to the residents of the gathering.

Press Service of SamSMU