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Medical check-up for the inhabitants of the Samarkand mahalla

  A group of teachers from Samarkand State Medical University, including an ophthalmologist, a therapist, a pediatrician, a neurologist, an obstetrician-gynecologist, an endocrinologist and an oncologist together with staff of the Dean's Office of the Medical and Pedagogical Faculty visited makhalla (eng. citizens' self-governing body or village) "Uzbekiston" of Samarkand city on April 4.

  During the visit Dr S.K.Rasulov, DSc, a member of the "Turon" Academy, and H.Sh.Artikova, a doctor from the Family Polyclinic No.2, gave an educational lecture on "Healthy Lifestyle". Moreover, during the course of medical examination, residents of the makhalla were able to receive consultations from highly qualified staff of the university.

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