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All higher educational institutions will turn to online education for one month from 24 January

  As it was proposed by the Sanitary Epidemiological Welfare and Public Health Service and Ministry of Health, in view of the high incidence of the new strain of coronavirus infection among children and young people, all higher education institutions (state, non-state, private universities and foreign branches of universities) and vocational schools, academic lyceums (all forms and types of education) will be held online for one month from January 24 of this year.

  Meantime, based on experience, the process of online learning will be organized qualitatively and all the necessary resources will be mobilized.

  Railway tickets will be retained at a discount of 50 per cent of the fare, and air and railway tickets can be exchanged free of charge for another term until 24th of February, 2022.

  A special headquarters has been set up in the ministry to coordinate these issues. From 21st of January, you can freely contact the following hotlines (10-06, 71-246-97-45, 71- 246-28-63) for all organisational matters!

  At the present, the only way out of the current difficult situation is vaccination, so please be actively involved in the vaccination process to protect yourself and your loved ones.

  Based on the epidemiological situation, we ask you to change your travel tickets slowly, within a month, after clarifying your return date!