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The library of IRC SamSMI has been enriched with new educational literature

  The Information and Resource Centre (IRC) of Samarkand State Medical Institute is regularly filled up with up-to-date educational, scientific and fiction literature. Recently, the IRC of the Institute was donated the textbook Neurology by Professor of the Department of Neurology of the Tashkent Medical Academy, DSc, Prof. Z. Ibodullayev (Russ. ed.: Z. Ibodullayev. Nevrologiya. Tashkent, 2021, 960 p.); monograph Practical electrocardiography (Tashkent, 2021. - 372 p.) by Head of the Department of General Medicine and Endocrinology of Tashkent Medical Academy, DSc, Prof. A.G. Gadaev (Uzb. ed.: A.G. Gadaev. Amaliy elektrokardiografiya. Tashkent, 2021, 960 p.) and a manual for GPs. It is possible and necessary to manage hypertension! A Practical Guide for General Practitioners in the “School” of Hypertension”. Tashkent. 2021. - 136 pp. (Russ. ed.: A.G. Gadaev. Upravlyat' gipertoniey mozhno i nuzhno! Prakticheskoe rukovodstvo dlya vrachey obshchey praktiki k zanyatiyam v “shkole gipertonikov”. Tashkent, 2021, 960 p.) in quantities of more than 10 copies.

  This literature is available in the relevant departments of the Institute's, in the Institute's website and in the IRC Telegram Channel..

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