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Discussion on the medical education system of Malaysia

  The Samarkand State Medical Institute hosted a meeting between Salokhiddinhodja Suratkhojaev, a representative of the World Youth Association of Uzbekistan, and students of our Institute. Students of the institute, curators and staff of the dean's office attended this discussion.

  The round table was opened by Vice Rector for Youth Affairs and Spiritual Enlightenment Eldor Tangirov. Salokhiddinhodja Suratkhojaev spoke and explained the system of medical education in Malaysia. Recent developments in this sphere were explained in detail. The talk also touched on the theme of holding the World Student Forum in Samarkand, the latest developments in the field of medicine, the difficulties in the medical profession and the need for English language skills nowadays.

  During the event, students received satisfactory answers to all their questions.

SSMI Press Service