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Pupils of the academic lyceum visited the institute's new study building

  On December 18, 2nd-year students of Samarkand State Medical Institute academic lyceum visited the new academic building of the Institute. The excursion was part of the "My future profession" plan implemented in the framework of cooperation between the Uzbek and Russian language departments of Samarkand State Medical Institute and the Academic Lyceum.

  Pupils visited laboratories and the institute's history museum. The staff members of the faculties told the students about the research being conducted and the conditions and opportunities created for the students to master fundamental medical disciplines.

This kind of career guidance helps the students to form their own clearer idea of their life prospects on the one hand, and gives the teachers a chance to get acquainted with the future cohort of first year students on the other hand.

  - The excursion went very well. We were very warmly welcomed. The staff of institute in very entertaining form told about directions of institute, about the researches in which they are engaged. We all liked it very much. We had a lot of enjoyment and new energy", the lyceum students shared their impressions..

SamSMI Press Service