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Samarkand State Medical Institute hosted “Khokim's Subject Olympiad”

  The subject Olympiad in chemistry and Russian language and literature among students of 10th and 11th grades of secondary schools of Samarkand region was held at Samarkand State Medical Institute within the framework of forum "Youth Festival - 2021".

  The participants of the subject Olympiad were solemnly welcomed at the Institute's Clinic No 1. The Olympiad was held in equipped auditoriums with observance of all quarantine measures. The subject Olympiad in Chemistry attracted 128 pupils and in Russian language and literature - 120 pupils of general education schools. The total time for chemistry test tasks was 120 minutes, and for Russian language and literature - 80 minutes.

  Thus, the winners of the Chemistry Olympiad among 10th grade pupils were as follows: 1st place - S. Khusanova from school №29 of Samarkand, 2nd place - V. Abduraimova from school №14 of Payarik district, 3rd place - N. Dustova from school №46 of Bulungur district. Among the pupils of 11th grade the 1st place was won by S. Bultakova, school №29 of Samarkand city; 2nd place by F. Ergasheva, school №10 of Nurabad district; 3rd place by D. Shukurov, school №13 of Kushrabad district.

  Alternatively, the winners of the Russian language and literature Olympiad among pupils of 10th grades were: 1st place winner was E. Elmuradova, school №55 of Pastdargom district; 2nd place winner - L. Podshivalova, school №6 of Kattakurgan; 3rd place winner F. Yunusova, school №10 of Nurabad district; 3rd place winner D. Shukurov, school №13 of Koshrabad district. Among the pupils of 11th grade the 1st place was taken by D. Mamatkulova from school №51 of Samarkand city; the 2nd place - by M. Bayonova from school №10 of Samarkand district; the 3rd place - by N. Khairitdinova fromschool №40 of Samarkand city. The winners of the subject Olympiad received their diplomas in solemn atmosphere from the Institute Rector Professor J.A.Rizaev.

  After the Olympiad, a festive dastarkhan was served to all the participants and their supervisors.

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