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Welcome to the public lecture!

  On November 4, 2022, the Department of Social Sciences and Humanities, Faculty of Medical Pedagogy, Higher Nursing and Traditional Medicine, is scheduled to hold an open lecture on the subject “Law” for the 2nd year students of 201-202 groups in the Faculty of International Education in the field of Dentistry.

  The topic of the open lecture: “Labour law”.

  The Lecturer is Head of the Department, PhD, Makhmudova Aziza Nugmanovna.

  The lecture will be held at the 3rd course (11:10-12:30) in the Lecture Hall of the Social Sciences and Humanities Department in the new building on the basement.

  The lecture will focus on the basic rights and obligations of medical workers in the field of social and labour relations in the Republic of Uzbekistan, which are realized through the established labour legislation guarantees.

  All are welcome to attend!