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Opening remarks

Welcome speech of Association President, Ph.D. Associate Professor Larisa Rubenovna Agababyan!

Dear colleagues! Graduates of Samarkand State Medical Institute (now University)!

  More than 90-year old history of SamSMU is marked by a great contribution to the training of scientific and pedagogical personnel, healthcare managers, doctors who work today not only in Uzbekistan, but also abroad.

  Founded in far 1930, our university is rightfully considered to be the first in Uzbekistan higher educational institution of medical profile, forge of qualified medical personnel.

  In 2020, the year of our university anniversary celebration, it was decided to organize SamMU Graduates Association. The main goal of Association is to strengthen the authority of the University in Uzbek and international scientific, educational and practical medical community, to preserve and enhance traditions of native Alma Mater.

  We hope that by joining the ranks of SamMU Graduates Association, you will contribute to the development of an organization that will unite us on the basis of professional community and common interests and hobbies.

  Our Association will become a beneficial foundation for maintaining communication with the University, exchanging experience, realizing the professional, scientific and creative potential of graduates.

  For each of us, graduates of the past years, time is rushing forward uncontrollably, and, unfortunately, it cannot be stopped. A lot of interesting things have happened in our personal and professional life: ups and downs, tears of joy, and tears of despai. Each of us leaves behind traces of his actions, his work! It is important for us to see these bright traces and show them to future doctors, share your work experience with them and achievements in the profession, regardless of what your professional life was devoted to – whether it was a family doctor in a distant village or a professor, regardless of whether you benefit by working in your native Uzbekistan or far beyond its borders.

  There is no doubt that our further cooperation will make a significant contribution to the training of qualified doctors, increasing the authority of Samarkand State Medical University, and membership in Association guarantees an unbreakable connection with Alma Mater, the opportunity to always be aware of the current activities of the university.

  And I invite absolutely all graduates of our university who are not indifferent to it's life today, who are looking for meetings with their fellow students, who want to share their achievements with others or consult about problems to join the ranks of the Graduates Association of Samarkand Medical Institute (today –University).

  Wish all of you, our graduates, good health, happiness, enthusiasm, ambitious goals, new victories! Wish you to realize all your plans! May your professional path always be productive and promising!

  Thank you for your great contribution to the cause of human health, for the support of our Alma Mater!

  We are proud of every graduate and invite you to join the friendly family of SAMSMU!

Larisa Agababyan, Graduate of 1979

Chairman of the Board of the SAMSMU Graduates Association