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Scientific - research works of the faculty

  Employees of the departments of the Faculty of Medicine No. 2 actively participate in scientific and research work. The scientific and technical level of the conducted research is highly methodical and modern.

  Scientific and research work on the problem of "protecting the health of mother and child" has a great importance and significant share in the development of medical science of the team of professors and teachers of the faculty. In this case, taking into account the regional specificity, diagnosis, prevention and treatment measures of women and children are carried out in accordance with the region. The results of the conducted research find their place in practice and improve the quality of treatment and preventive measures.

  More than 70 pedagogues - teachers of the faculty have improved their skills in major centers abroad, many of our teachers have participated in prestigious international conferences and drawn attention to the relevance of their presentations. Scientific research works of the faculty are published in international, republican and local publications.

  Participation of students in student scientific society (SSS) is considered an integral part of the work processes of the Faculty. 740 students are actively participating in the clubs. Their scientific-research materials are exhibited annually at conferences of young scientists, the best works are sent to inter-university conferences, and every year they take 15-20 prizes. These are taken into account in the processes of recommending to the dean's office, in appointing students to famous degrees, in entering doctoral studies, to gain experience abroad.

Participation in the traditional 75th International scientific-practical conference of students and young scientists "Modern medicine and pharmaceuticals: new approaches and current research"