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Public Health and Health Management Course

Makhmudov Kamoliddin Khamidovich

Doctor of Medical Sciences. Master MBA

Office hours:
Wednesday: 08:30-12:30

+998 (90) 973 47 62



Khodzhieva Laila Khazratovna Assistant

Dars o’tadigan fani:

Valeology,organization of health care

Tel: +998 (94) 251 80 78

Dars o’tadigan kurslari:


  The Faculty of Postgraduate Education of the Samarkand State Medical University by the direction of "Social Health and Health Management" was established in 1982. The course in different years was called "Social hygiene and organization of health care", "Improvement of a healthy lifestyle."

Aripov Subxanqul Aripovich

  The first head of the course was Professor Aripov Subkhankul Aripovich.

  The scientific activity of Subkhankul Oripov is very versatile and effective. He covered various aspects of the theory and practice of health care. Author of more than 225 scientific publications, including 14 monographs and textbooks, editor of 15 collections of scientific articles, an almanac, a monograph about the Tashkent Medical Institute and the Samarkand Medical Institute.

  As the rector of SamMI, Subkhankul Oripov paid great attention to the training of scientific and pedagogical staff. With his direct participation, 121 dissertations were defended on the issue of training scientific personnel, including 23 doctoral ones. Social activities of Subkhankul Oripov are diverse. Several times he was elected a deputy of the Supreme Council of Uzbekistan, deputies from the workers of the Samarkand regional and Tashkent city.

  For great services in the field of healthcare, he was awarded the title of Honored Doctor of Uzbekistan, he was awarded the honorary title of Honored Worker of Science of Uzbekistan, he was awarded many government awards. Today, looking at the peak of our time, we can openly say that the whole life and work of Subkhankul Aripovich Aripov is a true example of serving people and Motherland.

  Subkhankul Aripovich Aripov, a man with high professionalism and high moral values, was one of the brightest galaxies who left an indelible mark on the earth and in the hearts of people, a true patriot who devoted his whole life to the noble profession of a doctor, and remained faithful to him to the end. (2006)

Yarashev Norqul Yarashevich

  Yarashev Norkul Yarashevich tel. (1985), Associate Professor (1987), "Physician of Public Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan".

  Born on October 12, 1935 in the Bulungur district of the Samarkand region. He graduated SamSMI (1963). At the same institute since 1966 - clinical coordinator of the department of optional therapy (1966-1968), assistant of the department of social hygiene and healthcare organization (1968-1971), senior lecturer (1971-1985), the head of the course ( from 1985 to 2008) worked in these positions.

  At the same time he worked as Vice Dean of the Faculty of Medicine (1981-1982), Faculty of Education (1982-1985). He is the author of about 40 scientific researchs. Theme of the Ph.D. thesis: "The study of temporary disability among workers of alkaline factories of a large city (based on the material of Samarkand)"

  Khamidov Oblokul Khamidovich Ph.D. (1975), associate professor (1988) was born on March 14, 1939 in Samarkand, graduated SamSMI in 1962.
  In this institute, since 1927, he worked as an assistant at the Department of Topographic Anatomy and Operative Surgery (1967-1987), Associate Professor at the Department of Social Hygiene and Safety Sanitation of the VMOF (1988-1993), Head of the Department (1993-1999) and retired .

  He is the author of more than 55 scientific work. Subject of Ph.D. thesis and year of defense: "Structure and topography of the aortic sinuses in the late embryonic and early postnatal period" Moscow. He died in 2006.

  Tilavov Bobokul Tilavovich - head of the course "Social health and healthcare management" VMOF, candidate of medical sciences, associate professor.
  Associate Professor Tilavov Bobokul Tilavovich was born on February 23, 1946 in the village of Sohibkor and / or May 1 (now Uzunkishlok) of the Taylok district of the Samarkand region.

Tilavov Boboqul Tilavovich

  In 1963-1969 he graduated from the pediatric faculty of SamSMI. He began his career in 1969-1970 as an attending physician in medical institutions of the city of Karshi and the district of Kashkadarya region.

  In 1969-1970 he worked as an assistant at the Department of Topographic Anatomy and Operative Surgery at SamSMI.

  From 1970 to 1980 he worked as an assistant at the Department of Social Hygiene and Health Organization of this Institute, in

  1980-1983 he completed postgraduate studies at the Department of Social Hygiene and Health Organization. » Moscow Medical Institute No. 1 and «Social management of diseases of rheumatoid arthritis». He defended his thesis on the topic "Hygienic analysis and organization of medical care for them."

  In 1983-1992, he worked first as an assistant, and then as a senior lecturer at the Department of Social Health and Health Organization at SamSMI.

  In 1985 he was awarded the academic title of Associate Professor.

  In 1992, by order of the rector of SamSMI, he worked as a senior lecturer, vice dean of the faculty, acting dean of the department of "Social health and healthcare organization" of the Medical Pedagogical Faculty.

  In 1992-1996, he was a leading specialist on medical and social assistance in the Samarkand regional government;

  In 1996-1999, the first vice-rector of SamSMI for spiritual and educational work;

  In 1999-2005, he was the dean of the Faculty of Higher Nursing at SamSMI, at the same time the head of the student practice department of the institute, the head of the department of social health and healthcare organization;

  Under his leadership and editorship, 2 congresses (conferences) of national importance were organized in 2004 and 2006, based on conference materials under the title "Theoretical and Practical Problems of Modern Medicine" were published in 2 different collections.

  In 2006-2008 - Associate Professor of the Department of Social Health and Health Organization, in 2008-2015 - Head of the course "Social Health and Health Management" at the Advanced Training Faculty of SamSMI (Associate Professor).

  Based on the results of his Ph.D. thesis, he developed a number of recommendations on the organization of rheumatological care in Uzbekistan, which were approved by the Ministry of Health of the Republic and implemented locally.

  Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated October 2, 2007 No. 700 “On measures to improve the organization of medical institutions of the Republic” and on its basis Order of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated November 12, 2007 “Medical deputies" for "Management of medical institutions" by associate professor B.T. Tilavov appointed chief physicians and their deputies in the city of Samarkand, Kashkadarya region and Surkhandarya region "1.26.01" - Health In 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 he was engaged in teaching activities (training) in the field of management and marketing.

  His activities in this regard were positively assessed by the Ministry of Health of the Republic, and article with his photo was published in the 22nd issue of the newspaper "Health in Uzbekistan" dated June 6, 2008.

  Under his leadership, 2 candidate dissertations were carried out (assistant of the department Mukhammadiyeva N.I. and director of the Institute of Public Health of the Navoi region Roziev Z.F.). 157 articles were published. 9 of them were published in central medical journals, 2 on the pages of the newspaper "Health" in Uzbekistan. 7 rationalization proposals were introduced and officially recorded.

   Associate Professor Tilavov B.T. was awarded with diploma of regional governor of Samarkand region, 3 diploma of Samarkand city, 6 administrations of SamSMI.

  Khodzhaev Negmatjon was born in the family of an employee in the ancient village of Karaboy Aksakol of the city of Samarkand. In 1967 he graduated from secondary school No. 21 of the city of Samarkand with a "Gold Medal", entered the medical faculty of the Samarkand State Medical University and graduated from this higher educational institution in 1973. Graduated with honors and received the specialty of the attending physician. In 1973-1974 he completed an internship, became a general practitioner, and since 1970 began working as a medical worker. Then he spent most of his life in leadership positions at various levels, gradually rising through the ranks.

  Negmatjaton Khodjaev 1970-1973 – mid medical employee of the Samarkand regional psychiatric hospital, 1973-1974. - Therapist of the therapeutic department of the Samarkand regional central hospital, 1974-1975. - Therapist of the Zakhlik and Okhunboboev rural district hospitals. Samarkand region 1975-1977 Okhunboboev was appointed chief physician of the rural district hospital. 1977-1979 chief physician of the Samarkand district sanatorium for the population, 1979-1993 chief physician of the Samarkand district center of state sanitary and epidemiological supervision, chief state sanitary doctor of the district, 1993-1998 deputy akim of the Samarkand district for social issues, Samarkand district central chief physician of the hospital , in 1998-2006 the chief state sanitary doctor of the Samarkand region, the chief physician of the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Supervision, in 2006-2009 the head of the health department of the regional khokimiyat, in 2009-2014 the health department of the regional khokimiyat worked as the chief physician of the regional central hospital (now the Samarkand Regional Rehabilitation Hospital) in management.

  But in whatever position he worked, he thought about carefully protecting the health of the people, the peace and well-being of the country, goodness and friendship between people would be eternal, and thus a reputation worthy of the nation, the Motherland and the people. - noted.

  In 2013-2018, Negmatjon Khodjaev served as chairman of the Samarkand Regional Association of Doctors. Currently, he works as the head of the course of social health and healthcare organization at the Samarkand State Medical University.

  By the decision of the Presidium of the Academy of Sciences "Turan" of the Institute of the History of the Peoples of Central Asia "Makhpirat" dated May 28, 2017 No. 1 / 05-17, he was awarded an academic title and badge.

  In order to constantly improve his knowledge and skills, Negmatjon Khodjaev studied several times at the Tashkent Medical Institute, Moscow and Leningrad (St. Petersburg) Medical Institutes. He was awarded the qualifications of a high-class general hygienist and a high-class healthcare organizer.

  In 2004, Khojaev Negmatjon defended his Ph.D. thesis on the topic “Features of the course of bacteriocarrier in typhoid fever S. tyfa mura among a limited contingent” at the Research Institute of Epidemiology, Microbiology and Infectious Diseases of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan under the guidance of Professor L.Ya. Akhmedova and became a candidate of medical sciences.  

  Negmatjon Khodjaev "History of the state sanitary and epidemiological supervision of the Samarkand region" (2006), "History of medicine in Samarkand" (2 volumes, 2007), "Dynasty of Khodjaevs" (2009), "Historical stages of medicine in Samarkand" (2010 d.), “Shifobakhsh maskan” (2010), “Approximation to good” (2010), “Development of Samarkand medicine” (2011), “Judges from Samarkand” (book one, 2011, book second, 2013), "About my brother" (2012), "A man of high virtue" (2013), "Life in work" (2014), "A short history of the Association of regional doctors" (2017 .), "Memoirs" (2017), "Development of health care in Samarkand in the years of Independence". (2017), "Samarkand medicine in the years of independence" (2019), "New era of medical reforms" (2020), "Samarkand judges-III" (2020) and author of monographs and books. More than 200 scientific works of Nikhodzhaev have been published. Of these, 23 books (including 3 monographs), 63 brochures, 44 journal articles, 52 textbooks and 71 dissertations were compiled.

  Negmatjon Khodjaev actively participates in public works. Member of the District Council of People's Control, Chairman of the Charity and Health Fund, Deputy of the Samarkand District Council of People's Deputies, Chairman of the Standing Commission on Health and Education, Member of the Presidium of the Samarkand Regional Executive Committee, Public duties were performed by a member of the editorial board of the newspaper Med-o-Speed, Tababat va sakhavat”, editor-in-chief of the newspaper “Samarkandda soglikni saklash”. Currently works as a member of the editorial board of the Bulletin of the Association of Doctors of Uzbekistan, a publication of the Association of Doctors of Uzbekistan.

  Negmatjon Khodjaev was elected chairman of the regional basketball federation, a member of the scientific council of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan on medical parasitology and the Samarkand State Medical Institute.

  To participate in seminars and symposiums on various topical issues of medicine and exchange of experience, USA, Germany, Egypt (Cairo, Alexandria), South Korea (Seoul, Myeongdong, Icheon), Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg), Latvia, Lithuania, was in Estonia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania and other countries.

  The services of Negmatjon Khodjaev to the state and the people were duly awarded with the Badge of Honor, the badge of Health Care Excellence, Independence, 5 Years of Independence, 10 Years of Independence, and 15 Years of Independence. Independence", "20th Anniversary of Independence", "25th Anniversary of Independence" commemorative signs, the badge of the Turan Academy of Sciences, the "Badge of Honor" of the Red Crescent Society, the medals "Pies" and the badge "Honorary Partnership" of the Samarkand regional branch of the Association of Doctors of Uzbekistan were awarded a breastplate sign. Awarded with a number of certificates of honor and diplomas of the Government of the Samarkand region and the Ministry of Health of the Republic.


  Today we live in a historical period - a time when our people set good and great goals for themselves, live a peaceful life, achieve great results on the path of building a democratic state and civil society.

  The fact that we take our destiny into our own hands, relying on ancient values, and at the same time, taking into account the experience of developed countries, we are building that free, free and prosperous life that our people have been waiting for for centuries, and our achievements are based on this path is recognized at the international level. Today we all deeply understand that independence has given us all such opportunities.

  The centuries-old history of mankind shows that every nation in this world that has decided to build its own national state is aware of high tasks, unites and mobilizes people, inspires confidence in their hearts, considers the national idea, which is an expression of a common, common goal and aspiration, as support and support for gaining additional strength and support in the transition to a new system.

  The national idea is something that was passed down from ancestors to generations, cherished for centuries, deeply rooted in the hearts of every person and all the people living in this country, became his spiritual need and vital need, If we imagine the noblest aspirations and hopes of any people , then we express the essence of such a broad concept.

  Our national idea includes lofty concepts of national peace, the development of the Motherland and the well-being of the people, embodying the noble intentions and vital interests of all people living in this country.

  During the years of independence, spiritual and educational propaganda became a separate system in our country. A number of by-laws have been adopted aimed at organizing this area and improving it based on the requirements of a constantly changing era. In particular, over the next quarter of a century, 3 decrees, 3 resolutions, 1 decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, 2 resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers, in total 9 legal documents were sent to the development of the industry.

  It can be seen that spirituality has become one of the priorities of state policy in our lives. A unique system of propaganda of spirituality has been formed in the society.

  You can learn about this from two decisions of the head of our country aimed at raising the industry to a new level over these three years. In particular, by the decision of July 28, 2017 No. PZ-3160 “On Improving the Efficiency of Spiritual and Educational Work and Raising the Development of the Sphere to a New Level”, the activities of the Republican Spiritual and Educational Center dramatically expanded, filled with new states, its structural structure was completely reorganized, new goals and tasks were set before it, arising from the needs of the time.

  Almost two years have passed. Time is moving fast. Reforms in our country have entered into a very fast process.

  The era requires further development of spiritual and educational work.

  This natural necessity prompted the President to sign a resolution dated May 3, 2019 PQ-4307 "On additional measures to improve the efficiency of spiritual and educational work." In it, based on an analysis of almost two years of activity in the system, we can say that the idea was put forward to introduce a purposeful and targeted education mechanism in the popularization of spirituality. In this decision, the main directions of activity of the Council of Spirituality and Enlightenment of the Republic were redefined.

  Also, a program of measures was approved to further increase the effectiveness of spiritual and educational activities in our republic, increase the intellectual potential and outlook of the population, strengthen their ideological immunity, as well as the structure of the Republican Council of Spirituality and Education.

  The President of the Republic of Uzbekistan is the chairman of the Republican Council of Spirituality and Enlightenment, and the chairmen of the councils are the first heads of regions, districts and cities.

  Raising mentally mature people requires a lot of effort, time and money. In this regard, the words of President Shavkat Mirziyoyev have a deep meaning: “The time has come for our spirituality and pride to come out on top. We are all responsible for raising our children to be such a mature generation. We do not spare money and time for this.

  In the course, spiritual and educational work is carried out on the basis of an approved plan, according to which various events are held, timed to coincide with historical dates, national holidays and others. Various meetings and seminars are held jointly with internal affairs bodies, law enforcement agencies, spiritual centers, colleges and other medical organizations.

  On the basis of this plan, “High spirituality is an invincible power” by the First President of the Republic of Uzbekistan I.A. Karimov (2008) and President Sh.M. Mirziyoyev “Together we are building a free and prosperous, democratic state of Uzbekistan” (2016) were published. ). “Critical analysis, strict discipline and personal responsibility should be the daily rule of every leader” (2017), “Ensuring the rule of law and human interests is the key to the development of the country and the well-being of the people” (2017)), “We will resolutely continue our path national development and raise it to a new level” (2017), “We will build our great future together with our brave and noble people” (2017) and the essence of his appeal to Oliy The audience is regularly shown classes and video shows of the Mejlis of Enlightenment. .

  Also ensure the holding of "Information Hours" at a high level on the basis of the specified schedule, organize "Open Dialogues" with cadets, conduct spiritual and educational topics with the participation of students of the Sozangaran Medical College, conduct seminars, organize meetings on topics such as "Spiritual image of cadets" , "Beautiful with human manners", organizing trips for cadets to cultural monuments, historical sites, museums and exhibitions, "The Constitution is a mirror of justice" holding conversations on the topic "Culture of a healthy lifestyle", "The need for a healthy lifestyle", maintaining a healthy lifestyle” and organizing discussions and meetings.


  The educational and methodological work on the course is organized in accordance with the educational regulatory documents

of the Republic of Uzbekistan:

  1. The Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan on Education (ORK-637, September 23, 2020) 2. National personnel training program (August 29, 1997)
  2. Regulation on higher education approved by the Ministry of the Armed Forces of the USSR (January 9, 2003) organization of the system of training and retraining of medical workers”.
  3. Order of the CER of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated June 15, 2020 No. 160 “On further improvement of regulatory documents for the creation of a system of continuous professional development of medical and sanitary and pharmaceutical personnel”
  4. Standard and work programs on topics
  5. Order of the rector of SamMI dated September 12, 2013 No. 43 “On the organization of the educational process at the institute according to the modular training system”.
  6. Order of the rector of SamMI dated December 19, 2013 No. 951 / U “On the organization of the educational process at the institute in the e-learning system on the Internet”.
  7. Report No. 9 of the Academic Council of SamMI dated June 15, 2016 "Recommendations for the assessment and control of educational activities of students in the credit-modular system of organizing the educational process."
  8. With the protocol of the Academic Council SamMI No. 5 of September 5, 2022 "Working curriculum for thematic advanced training in the science of valeology", SSVninid, July 27, 2022 No. A program designed for physicians in order to introduce a new system based on numerical okay.


  The scientific work carried out by the teachers of the course has always been closely connected with the training of scientific and pedagogical personnel and the needs of practical healthcare institutions, which are currently determined by the state program for the development of science and technology.

In the course of preparing and publishing scientific articles on public health issues, promoting a healthy lifestyle, increasing the physical activity of the population, preventing non-communicable diseases, improving the medical culture and literacy of the population, great importance is attached to the practical application of modern valeological methods of health promotion and a number of other topical topics.

  Only in 2018-2019, 266 doctors of various profiles and medical institutions from Samarkand, Surkhandarya, Kashkadarya, Navoi and Jizzakh regions were trained, improved their theoretical knowledge and strengthened practical skills.

  In 2020-2021 and until November 2022, 321 doctors of various specialties and medical institutions from Samarkand, Surkhandarya, Kashkadarya, Navoi and Jizzakh regions were trained, improved their theoretical knowledge and strengthened practical skills.

  In 2015-2020, 6 books were published, including 3 monographs, 14 journal articles, 30 abstracts, 28 teaching aids and 8 brochures.

  In 2020-2021 and until November 2022, 6 books were published, including 4 monographs, 16 journal articles, 32 dissertations, 29 teaching aids and 12 brochures.