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Department of Occupational Health and Safety

Khudoikulov Shakarboy Khidirovich

Business hours:

Daily from 08:00 to 12:00.






Samarkand city. 18 Amir Temur street

  Our motto: “Timely warning, salvation and help”

  The activities of the department are aimed at early warning of emergencies, emergencies, timely and comprehensive assistance to the population in case of danger to life and health.

  One of the strategic divisions of the university, which conducts regular preventive and preventive work among employees and students, conducts classes on labor protection and civil protection, and also ensures compliance with fire safety rules, response to emergencies of employees and students. GRI

  Department tasks:

- development and implementation of measures to prevent accidents and injuries at the workplace, increasing the responsibility and responsibility of employees for compliance with labor protection requirements;

- development and implementation of measures for the prevention and elimination of emergencies, training workers and students in emergency situations;

- organization of messages using automatic warning systems and ensuring the readiness of the control bodies, forces and means of the facility to act in the event of an emergency; creation of associations, rescue services and emergency rescue teams in accordance with the established procedure; Provide information on how to submit and monitor the report, the extent and progress of its development, its possible consequences, the measures taken and the assistance needed to respond to an emergency.

The activities of the department are organized in 3 directions:

- labor protection and safety.

- Civil protection in emergency situations.

- fire and technical safety.

Department personnel:

Saifullaev Vohid Sodikzhonovich - Civil Defense and Emergency Situations Engineer

Shadmanav Rabbim Yuldashavich - fire safety instructor