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Neonatology course

Sirojiddinova Khiramon Nuriddinovna

course manager

Reception time: Wednesday-Friday 10:00
Phone: +998979295852
Address: VBKTTM, G’iyosiddin J. ko’chasi 21 uy

Staff of the Department

Surname/Name Position
Sirojiddinova Kh.N. PhD course manager
Lim V.I. Candidate of Medical Sciences Associate Professor
Abdullaeva M.N Professor doctor of medical sciences
Abduxalik-Zade G.A. Candidate of Medical Sciences Associate Professor
Nabieva Sh.M. Assistant
Usmonova M.F. Assistant
Ortikbaeva N.T. Assistant
Babaeva N.T. Assistant
To'xtaeva M. M. Assistant


  The department of neonatology was founded in September 1995. The first head of the department was Doctor of Medical Sciences M.N. Abdullaeva, who headed the department until 2017.
  Abdullaeva M.N. In 1973 he graduated from the Faculty of Pediatrics of the Samarkand Medical Institute. Her scientific work was: "Proteolytic systems, eicosanoids, immunocomplex mechanisms and their correction in acute pneumonia in young children."

Abdullaeva M.N. - Leading researcher of the Samarkand branch of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, from 1994 to 2007 head of 6 projects and grants of the State Committee for Science and Technology.
  Also published 2 textbooks, more than 450 articles, 2 manuals, 17 rationalization proposals, 22 practical documents, 23 educational process and methodological recommendations for practical health.

  From December 1, 2017, the course was led by Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor Lim Vyacheslav Innokentievich. He defended his dissertation in 1992 on "Clinical features and corrective treatment of physiological jaundice and hemolytic disease of newborns in acute continental climate." In 2002 he was awarded the Order "For a Healthy Generation" of the 1st degree. Published more than 150 scientific articles.

  From September 2020, the course is led by Candidate of Medical Sciences (PhD) Sirojiddinova Hiromon Nuriddinovna. He defended his PhD dissertation in 2019 on “Immunocorrective therapy of respiratory diseases in children with a history of intrauterine infection”. He has published more than 50 scientific articles, patented 1 invention and 4 applied documents.


  One of the main activities of the course is the formation of high moral values among students, interest in professional activities, the formation of the need for a healthy lifestyle and the involvement of students in the cultural activities of the institute. In order to carry out these tasks, there is a curatorial board, which is based on an approved course plan. Each group will be assigned a curator, who will be assigned from among experienced teachers. Each curator has a work plan, on the basis of which he conducts various activities with a group of curators. Each curator has information about each student and his or her daily activities.
  There are also albums and CDs that reflect the plots of the events. The dean and deputy deans of the faculty meet regularly with group curators and students.
  Under the guidance of curators, students of the faculty take an active part in public events, have a cultural holiday, visit the historical monuments and sights of Samarkand, theaters and museums. Spiritual and educational work is carried out on the basis of the approved plan, according to which various events dedicated to historical dates, national holidays, sports competitions and others are held. Various meetings are held with law enforcement agencies, law enforcement agencies, spiritual centers and other partner organizations.

Educational-methodical work of the course of neonatology

Clinical residents and masters receive specialization in neonatology at the department

List of textbooks published in the course of neonatology:

1. "Breastfeeding infants" (Latin and Cyrillic alphabets)
2. "Functional anatomy of the limbs"
3. "Criteria for the diagnosis of pathological conditions of neonatal period"
4. “Diagnosis of perinatal damage to the nervous system in newborns
5. "Rickets and rickets disease"
6. "Toxicosis with excitosis in children"
7. "Tests for independent work of 6th year students of medical and pediatric faculties"
8. "Kardit in childten"
9. "Bronchial asthma in children"
10. "Criteria for diagnostics of the classification of childhood diseases" (Russian, Uzbek, Latin alphabets)
11. "Clinical manifestations and characteristics of the immune system in children with respiratory chlamydial infections"
12. "X-ray features of pneumonia in newborns with signs of immaturity"
13. "X-ray features of infertility in infants with signs of immaturity"

List of textbooks published in the course of neonatology:

1. "Propaedeutics of children's diseases" (Cyrillic alphabets)
2. "Propaedeutics of children's diseases" (Latin alphabets)

List of monographs published in the course of neonatology:

1. " X-ray features of the course in newborns with signs of immaturity"
2. "Age-related morphological changes of nerve elements in the small intestine"


  Scientific direction of the course "Posthypoxic conditions of newborns."
  Ph.D. associate professor Lim V.I. PhD thesis was defended in 1992 on the topic: "Clinical characteristics and corrective treatment of physiological jaundice and hemolytic disease of newborns in a sharply continental climate." Ph.D. Abdullaeva M.N. topic of Ph.D. thesis: "Clinical features of changes in the activity of proteolytic enzymes aldolase and aminotransferases in young children with acute pneumonia against the background of hypotrophy in a hot climate" 1983.
  Dr. med. professor Abdullaeva M.N. the topic of doctoral dissertation “Activity of blood proteolytic systems, eicosanoids, immunocomplex mechanisms and their correction in acute pneumonia in young children. 1992 year.
  Dr. med. professor Abdullaeva M.N. is a leading researcher himself. Department of . Academy scientific of Republic Uzbekistan. Head of 6 projects and grants of the State Committee for Science and Technology from 1994 to the present.
  Ph.D. Abdukhalik-Zade G.A. Topic of Ph.D. thesis: "The role of the fungus of the genus Paecilomyces in the development of intrauterine infection" 1997.
  PhD Sirozhiddinova Kh.N."Immunocorrective therapy for frequently ill children with a history of intrauterine infection". 2019 year.

  Since 2020, she has been appointed head of the 2nd Pediatrics course.

  Teacher Boboeva N.T. scientific applicant her dissertation topic is: "Metabolic status and markers of inflammation in prolonged neonatal hyperbilirubinemia" at the stage of complete. "


  Assistants of the Department of Neonatology participate in preventive examinations and in conversations with the population in a working group with leading therapists and obstetrician-gynecologists of the Medical Institute under the program "Maternal and Child Health"
  The educational process and medical work is carried out on the basis of the Samarkand Children's Regional Multidisciplinary Medical Center in the department of pathology of newborns, the first and third maternity complexes, the maternity complex of Samarkand / Rural district and the Regional perinatal complex. The employees of the department carry out medical consultative work of inpatients in the departments of this clinical base, as well as from other medical and preventive institutions of the city and region.
  Participate in clinical and anatomical conferences, conduct an examination of medical records of inpatients. Information is provided on new techniques, instructions for use, information bulletins, proposed and implemented in practical health care.
Participate in seminars, conferences, participate in the work of the commission of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan. They give lectures for doctors. The staff of the department improves their qualifications at advanced training courses at the Tashkent Medical Acadamy. Supervised by masters and clinical residents. The propaganda of medical knowledge in the media is carried out, as well as field treatment and counseling work in the attached mists.