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First International Alumni Forum at SamSMU

 On May 22, 2021, the First International Forum of the graduates of Samarkand State Medical Institute was held in the large conference hall of the Clinic No. 1 of Samarkand State Medical Institute. It was attended by representatives of the administration, the heads of the departments, distinguished professors and teachers, and alumni of the institute. The forum participants took part not only in the traditional format, but also in the mode of teleconference.

  At the opening ceremony Rector Professor Jasur Alimjanovich Rizaev delivered a congratulatory speech. In his address the rector noted the glorious history of SamSMI, which has educated tens of thousands of qualified medical personnel, and where prominent organizers, academicians, famous public and government figures studied. Jasur Alimjanovich also spoke about the current moment, successes achieved and priority tasks facing the working collective, efforts being made to further enhance the prestige and international ranking of the institute that is dear to all.

  The alumni who later took the floor included Sh. Ziyadullaev, DSc, Vice-Rector for Research (alumnus of 2000), S. Zokhidova, PhD, Chairman of the Public Council of Women (alumnus of 1987), S. Zainiev, PhD, First Deputy Head of the Regional Public Health Department (alumnus of 2003), L. R. Aghababyan, Assistant Professor, Head of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Faculty of Postgraduate Education (alumnus of 1979), L. M. Garifulina, Assistant Professor, Head of Educational Methodological Department (alumnus of 2001), Y.N. Isakova, Assistant, Department of Otolaryngology №1 (alumnus of 2011). ) and others, remembered bright moments of their studies at the Institute, their outstanding mentors, created opportunities for their formation as professionals in medical science and practice, and expressed gratitude to the leadership of the Institute for the preservation and multiplication of the potential of the Institute as forge of high qualified medical personnel.

  At the forum, commemorative gifts were presented to the mentors and a concert was held at the end of the forum, which opened a new chapter in the history of the Institute's interaction with its graduates.

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