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Department of Medical Rehabilitation, Sports and Traditional Medicine

Mavlyanova Zilola Farhadovna

Head of Department, Associate Professor

Reception time:

Monday-Saturday: 14:00-15:00


(+99891) 5229391

Address: Samarkand, 6 Ankabay Str.

Department staff

Full name Position
Kamalova Yokutkhon Akhmadzhanovna Assistant of the department

Abdusalomova Maftuna Akbarovna

Assistant of the department

Kim Olga Anatolyevna

Assistant of the department

Sharafova Inobat Akhmedzhanovna

Assistant of the department

Sabirova Shahlo Bakhtierovna

Assistant of the department
Makhmudov Sardor Mamasharifovich Assistant of the department

Burkhanova Gulnoza Lutfilloevna

Assistant of the department

Baratova Sitora Sakhidinovna

Assistant of the department

Ravshanova Maftuna Zohidzhonovna

Assistant of the department


  The origins of the department go back to the period of the Institute's formation. "Medical rehabilitation", "traditional medicine", "sports medicine" are basic medical specialties. Retaining the generally accepted form of these specialties, the staff of the department filled them with the author's content.
  The main motto of the department staff is "Without the past (the history of the department) there are no real achievements, and the present reality determines the future direction of medical rehabilitation."
  In the clinic of the Samarkand State Medical Institute, the treatment of patients with physiotherapeutic methods was founded in 1934, one of the first in our republic. In the same year, two physiotherapy rooms were organized, which are currently located in the therapeutic building. The first employees of the department were physiotherapist V.V. Dolgikh, nurse M.P. Litvinova and the nurse M.I. Mokrousov. In 1935, a massage room was opened as part of the department, where M. Skrebneva and V.S. Egorova worked.
  After the founding of the Uzbek State Medical Institute (now the Samarkand State Medical Institute) in May of 1930, and with the need to include the discipline of physiotherapy in the educational process in the training of medical specialists, the first course of physiotherapy was opened on the basis of the department in 1936, which was initially part of the department of “Faculty therapy”. Physiotherapy course (as part of the Department of Faculty Therapy) in 1936-1956 was headed by Associate Professor P.I. Denisova-Suschevskaya. She came to the medical institute with the first wave of scientific and pedagogical personnel, which was formed by attracting local doctors, scientists, teachers.
  During World War II in 1942-1944, department of physiotherapy and balneology functioned under the leadership of Colonel of the Military Medical Academy Ya.A. Broderzon.
  From 1966 to 1990, the physiotherapy department was headed by B.A. Krasniy, because of whose efforts, the opinion about the generality of the applied principles and methods of diagnostics, treatment and prevention of diseases using natural and preformed physical factors was strengthened.
  At the same time, the therapeutic and prophylactic direction of medicine was developing in the Samarkand region in the form of medical control and physiotherapy exercises. The offices of anthropometry, medical control for athletes and athletes, patients with pathology of the musculoskeletal system, began to be organized. Along with the increase in the number of people involved in physical education and sports, a shortage of specialists who know the issues of physical education, medical supervision and physical therapy began to be noted. Implementation of the thesis of the first People's Commissar of Health N.A. Semashko “Without medical supervision - there is no Soviet physical education" led to the formation and opening of departments of the corresponding profile”.
  It was then that a course of physiotherapy, medical control and physical therapy was organized as part of the Department of FACULTY therapy, where they conducted pedagogical activities, and also actively participated in carrying out physiotherapy and physiotherapy procedures.

Staff of the course of physiotherapy, medical supervision and physical therapy

  It should be noted that throughout the entire time there was close cooperation between the course staff and the following physicians-residents of the physiotherapy department: S.A. Zamonova, Z.A. Eshkobilova, M.R. Akramov. Nurses worked tirelessly next to the staff of the course and the department: A. Zhuraeva, Zh. Yuldasheva, M. Zaripova, M. Khamdamov, G. Tillaev, S. Tukhtaminov, M. Mamatova.

  In 1990-1994, the Department of Physiotherapy was headed by Associate Professor W.A. Badalhodzhaeva, at the same time combining his medical activities with teaching activities on the course. In 1994-2016, the head of the department was M.M. Akhmedov, and from 2016 to the present day the department is headed by S.Sh. Yusupov.

Department of physical therapy of the 1-SamMI Clinic

  According to the WHO definition, rehabilitation is a process aimed at providing comprehensive assistance to sick and disabled people in order to achieve the maximum possible physical, mental, professional, social and economic usefulness with a given disease. And in carrying out rehabilitation measures, physiotherapy exercises are important.

  Since 1960, in the SamMI clinic, methods of physical therapy (exercise therapy) have been introduced into the process of treating patients. As part of the physiotherapy department, a physiotherapy room was organized. The cabinet was equipped with simulators, various equipment for medical gymnastics. Exercise therapy procedures as an auxiliary method of therapy have become widely used in the treatment of patients in somatic departments. L.D. Mukhamedzhanova, N.V. Muravyova, G.N. Rakhimova and etc.

  On the basis of the cabinet, a course of medical control and physiotherapy exercises began to function at the department of faculty therapy of SamMI. Training rooms were organized, where practical classes were conducted for students of the medical institute. The course was supervised by associate professors Yu.P. Slovookhotov, V.I. Krivoruchko, R.M. Rakhimbaeva, G.N. Rakhimova. Course assistants V.M. Chekmarev, L.Kh. Isankulova, A.F. Garib, V.G. Falyants, L.G. Muradova performed consultative and medical work in the departments of the clinic on the use of exercise therapy methods, to patients according to indications.

  The head of the department of physiotherapy exercises of the 1-SamMI Clinic for a long time is an experienced specialist L.Kh. Isankulova.

  Since June 2021, the "Department of Medical Rehabilitation, Sports Medicine and Traditional Medicine" is located on the basis of the Samarkand Regional Hospital for Rehabilitation.

  Staff of the Department of Medical Rehabilitation, Sports Medicine and Traditional Medicine

  Below is the structure of the physiotherapy department at the Samarkand regional hospital for rehabilitation treatment, which since June 2021 has been headed by the lecturer of the department M.Z. Ravshanova.


  A separate place in the formation of this department is also the room (later department) of physiotherapy exercises. Today, the department has created all the conditions for carrying out medical gymnastics procedures with massage techniques for patients at a modern level. Therapeutic gymnastics procedures are carried out in the exercise therapy hall, individually and in group forms. For the procedures, the exercise therapy room is equipped with modern simulators and gymnastic equipment such as:

  • power multifunctional exercise machine
  • bicycle ergometers
  • treadmills
  • chair for traction of the cervical spine
  • arc massager
  • exercise machine for abdominal muscles, etc

  Therapeutic gymnastics is carried out both directly in the exercise therapy room, and in the field at the patient's bedside. So, for example, for neurological patients, rehabilitation of patients with ischemic stroke, degenerative-dystrophic lesions of the spine, radiculitis, vegetative-vascular dystonia, neuritis of the facial nerve, trigeminal nerve, etc. In pediatric outpatients, elements of physical rehabilitation are widely used for diseases such as cerebral palsy, the consequences of encephalitis, myopathy, hereditary pathologies of the nervous system (in individual and small-group forms), the consequences of polyneuritis and other flaccid paralysis.

  Today, the hall of physiotherapy exercises is a modern educational, scientific and medical base of the Department of Medical Rehabilitation, Sports Medicine and Traditional Medicine. In the exercise therapy office, a large amount of medical work is carried out. On average, more than 5 thousand units of therapeutic gymnastics procedures are performed annually. The doctors of the office, together with the staff of the department, also provide consultative and methodological assistance to other medical institutions in the region.

The department widely uses the promotion of a healthy lifestyle by involving students in Nordic walk.


  Caring for the younger generation, striving to bring up a healthy, harmoniously developed person is one of the features of the national character of the Uzbek people. Therefore, spiritual and educational work is the most important area of activity of the Department of Medical Rehabilitation, Sports Medicine and Traditional Medicine. Spiritual and educational work at the department is carried out according to a continuously compiled and approved plan. This work is coordinated and organized by the responsible teacher Umirova S.M.

The department conducts work among students and faculty:

• with the aim of increasing and improving the spiritual and worldview qualities of the individual and universal and national principles on the basis of the works and speeches of President Sh.M. Mirziyoyev, decrees and decisions of the Oliy Majlis and the Cabinet of Ministers, as well as local governing bodies concerning the concept of upbringing a harmoniously developed generation, especially in the spiritual and educational aspect;
• to promote creative work in the republic in the process of successful implementation of reforms;
• in the formation of a philosophy of a healthy lifestyle among students;
• to improve the political and legal culture among students;
• on timely delivery of information to students about social, political and creative events taking place in the world and in the country;
• on the formation of a healthy spiritual atmosphere among students;
• organizing students' leisure time, organizing various hobby groups corresponding to the direction and specialization of the educational institution.

Meeting with children from orphanage № 1

A visit by the staff of the department to a nursing home

  In addition, monthly employees of the department for the population and students of Samarkand State Medical Institute conduct lectures and master classes on the topic "Healthy life style".

Master class of the teacher S.S. Baratova on the topic "Nordic walking" to maintain a healthy life style


  The department conducts classes for all students of the faculty of our institute. They are trained in physical rehabilitation and sports medicine, medical and social rehabilitation. Since 2020, the department began to teach new disciplines: kinesiology, philosophy of traditional medicine, introduction to medicine and the canons of medicine of Ibn Sina. To date, professors and teachers of the department have published 2 textbooks, 6 textbooks and 23 teaching aids. The professors and teachers of the department participated in the development of 25 standard curricula.

List of published manuals and textbooks


1. Sports tibbiyoti va rehabilitology // Mavlyanova Z.F., Usmankhodzhaeva A.A., Adilov Sh.K., Vysogortseva O.N., Arzibaev O.K., Akhmedova D.Sh., Sharipov Yu.A. Tashkent, 2019.

2. Sports medicine and rehabilitation // Mavlyanova Z.F., Usmankhodzhaeva A.A., Adilov Sh.K., Vysogortseva O.N., Sharipov Yu.A. Tashkent, 2019.


  • Fundamentals of the theory and practice of complex medical and social rehabilitation // Edited by A.I. Osadchikh, S.N. Puzina, E.E. Achkasova, Z.F. Mavlyanov. Moscow, 2019. Manual in five volumes, volume
  • Application of the International Classification of Functioning, Disabilities and Health of Children and Adolescents in Medical Rehabilitation of Patients with Infantile Cerebral Palsy // Sheiko G.E., Belova A.N., Israelian Yu.A., Litvinova N.Yu., Mavlyanova Z .F. Nizhny Novgorod, PIMU Publishing House, 2020
  • Rehabilitation of patients with multiple sclerosis // Sheiko G.E., Belova A.N., Israelian Yu.A., Litvinova N.Yu., Shakurova D.N., Mavlyanova Z.F. Nizhny Novgorod, PIMU Publishing House 2020
  • Fundamentals of general and private physiotherapy for dental diseases // Mavlyanova ZF, Usmankhodzhaeva AA, Kamalova YO A., Vysogortseva ON. Tashkent, 2020
  • Basics of caring for seriously ill and disabled patients at home // Achkasov EE, Mvlyanova ZF, Koneva ES, Mashkovsky EV, Razina AO, Yurku K.A. GEOTAR-Media, Moscow, 2021
  • Tibbiyotga kirishning umumiy asoslari va xalq tabobatida davolashning zamonaviy usullari // Mavlyanova Z.F. Tashkent, 2021


  Research work of the Department is conducted in three areas: neurology, medical rehabilitation and sports medicine. To date, the following topics of dissertations for the degree of doctor of Sciences and candidates of Sciences "the Relationship between nutritional and neurological status in children with cerebral palsy" (PhD Mavlyanova Z. F.), "Optimization of rehabilitation measures in children with facial neuropathy" (doctoral student Sharafova I. A.), "Phenotypic features of athletes engaged in various disciplines of athletics" (applicant Baratova S. S.), "Optimization of rehabilitation measures in children with birth trauma of the cervical spinal cord" (doctoral student Abdusalomova MA).

Since the foundation of the department, that is, since 2014, more than 400 scientific papers have been published, including 5 monographs, 16 IBM programs.

List of monographs published by the Department staff


Title of the monography


Mavlyanova Z. F.

Khakimova S. Z.

Clinical and neurophysiological features of facial nerve neuropathy against the background of chronic brain ischemia


Mavlyanova Z. F.

Khakimova S. Z.

Features of venous blood flow in patients with diabetes mellitus


Mavlyanova. F.

Baratova S. S.

Typological features of athletes engaged in rhythmic gymnastics and Taekwondo


Mavlyanova Z. F.

Burkhanov G. L.

Optimization of sports nutrition for children and adolescents with increased physical activity


Mavlyanova Z. F.

Assessment of nutritional status in children

with cerebral palsy

List of IBM programs developed by the staff of the department


Title of the IBM programs


Sharafova I. A.,

Z. F. Mavlyanova,

Abdullayev N. N.

Electronic program for diagnosing the degree of facial nerve damage in children and tactics of rehabilitation measures

№ DGU 08334

Date of receipt 18.05.2020

application no. DGU 2020 0751


Mavlyanova Z. F.

Dzhurabekova A. T.

Program for determining the degree of protein-energy insufficiency and tactics of its treatment in children with cerebral palsy

№ DGU 08334

Date of receipt 18.05.2020

application no. DGU 2020 0750


Khakimov S. Z.,

Z. F. Mavlyanova,

A. T. Dzhurabekova

Electronic program for the diagnosis of neurobrucellosis and the choice of treatment tactics.

№ DGU 08327

Date of receipt 18.05.2020

application no. DGU 2020 0750


Mavlyanova Z. F.

Sharipov R. Kh.

Program for evaluating the physical development of children with cerebral palsy using the index method

№ DGU 08856

Date of receipt 19.06.2020

application no. DGU 2020 0992


Mavlyanova Z. F.

Khusainova Sh. A.,

Abdusalamova M. A.,

Sharafova I. A.

Program for diagnosing the severity of birth trauma of the cervical spine and spinal cord and choosing the tactics of rehabilitation measures

№ DGU 08596

Date of receipt 16.06.2020

application no. DGU 2020 0968


Mavlyanova Z. F.

Haidarova S.,

Shavazi N. M.,

Akhmedova M. M.

Program for diagnosing the prolonged course of community-acquired pneumonia in children and choosing treatment tactics

№ DGU 08759

Date of receipt 17.07.2020

application no. DGU 2020 1234


Z. F. Mavlyanova

Akhmedov, I. A.

Toirov E. S.

Rheumatoid arthritis muscle heavy load diagnosis and treatment tactics only one scientist wrong guide

№ DGU 57167

Completion date 07.10.2020

registration number DGU 2020 1705


Mavlyanova Z. F.

Agababyan L. R.

The program in predicting the risk of pre-eclampsia

№ DGU 14133

Date of receipt 24.08.2020

application no. DGU 2020 1435


Mavlyanova Z. F.

Makhmudova S.

Program for calculating the acceptability of combined oral contraception in obese women

№ DGU 08759

Date of receipt 17.07.2020

application no. DGU 2020 1234


Mavlyanova Z. F.

Mukhammadieva L. A.

Program for differential diagnosis and treatment of chronic non-specific lung diseases in children

№ DGU 08759

Date of receipt 16.09.20 application

no DGU 2020 1561


Mavlyanova Z. F.

Narzullayeva U. R.

Samieva G. U.

Khamidova F. M.

Sabirova Sh. B.

Olimjonov F. O.

Algorithm for predicting early development of cardiovascular complications in individuals with hypertension at a young age

№ DGU 09178

Date of receipt 22.09.2020

application no. DGU 2020 1520


Mavlyanova Z.F.

Dzhurabekova A.T.,

Kim O.A.

Program for predicting the rehabilitation potential in young people after acute ischemic stroke

DGU no. 10344

Date of receipt 31.01.2021

DGU Application No. 2021 0268


Mavlyanova Z.F.

Khakimova S.Z.,

Burkhanova G.L.,

Khamrakulova F.M.

DGU 10272

Date of receipt 25.01.2021

DGU Application No. 2021 0174

Program for calculating the rehabilitation potential in children with cerebral palsy


Mavlyanova Z.F.

Rasulov A.

Rasulova N.A.

Ibragimova M.Sh.

Abdusamatov AU

Program for choosing a complex of kinesiological exercises for children with spastic forms of cerebral palsy


Date of receipt 15.02.2021

DGU Application No. 2021 0427


Mavlyanova Z.F.

Makhmudov S.M.

Akhmedova M.M.

Sharipov R.Kh.

Irbutaeva L.T.

Urinov M.U.

Program for a comprehensive assessment of the functional state of the cardiorespiratory system in children involved in swimming

DGU 10438

Date of receipt 15.02.2021

DGU Application No. 2021 0428


Mavlyanova Z.F.

Urinbaev P.,

Eranov Sh.N.,

Zhuraev I.G.,

Eranov N.F.

Bolalarda tirsak bo'g'imi shikastlanishlarini xirurgik davolashning samaradorligini baholash dasturi

DGU 10438

Date of receipt 07/04/2021

Application No. DGU 12094

Monograph "Optimization of sports nutrition for children and adolescents with increased physical activity"

  Computer Program for diagnosing the severity of birth trauma of the cervical spine and spinal cord and choosing the tactics of rehabilitation measures

Students Scientific Society

  The Department of Medical Rehabilitation, Sports Medicine and Folk Medicine operates the Student Scientific Society (SNO) "Young Rehabilitologist," as well as the team "Ministers of Sports," which consist of students who have shown a tendency to scientific activity. The student scientific society seeks to develop the interests of students and contributes to improving the quality of training of SamSMI specialists in the field of scientific activity. The primary tasks of the student scientific society are the upbringing and realization of the scientific potential of SamSMI students. The Chairman of the Student Scientific Society is the Head of the Department of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor Z.F. Mavlyanova, Assistant of the Department Kamalov Y.A.

  The main goals of the activity of the student scientific society of the department are: promoting the development of student science, increasing its innovative potential, promoting the achievements of research and training and research work of students, introducing the results of research into practice, developing the scientific creativity of young people, promoting the dissemination of modern scientific knowledge, rallying the student community in discussion, practical solving of key problems of our time and their implementation. Research work contributes to the formation of the readiness of future specialists for the creative implementation of the knowledge, skills and skills obtained at the institute, public speaking skills, helps to master the methodology of scientific search and study of scientific material, to gain research experience.

  Under the guidance of the teachers of the department, members of the student scientific society take an active part in the annual student scientific conferences, Olympiads. Their works were awarded with honorary diplomas and certificates.

I-st All-Russian student Olympiad in sports medicine with international participation "Medical Marathon", Moscow, 2019 Members of the "Servants of Sports" team: Yusupova Sitora, Abdusamatov Akobir, Gapparov Jahongir were awarded with certificates and diplomas of the 1st degree

II All-Russian student Olympiad in sports medicine with international participation "Medical Marathon", Moscow, 2021. Honorary 2nd place in the team event