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Department of internal diseases no. 4

Kholzhigitova Mukhayo Berdikulovna
Head of the Department of Internal Diseases No. 4, С.M.S. (PhD)

Reception time: Dushanba–Shanba soat 8.30-15:00
Tel: +998937030079
E-mail: Missis.muhaye
Address: The first building of the Samarkand city medical association.

Team of the Department of Internal Medicine №4

Full Name Position
Dusanov Abdugofur Dusanovich Dotsent
Mamurova Nigora Normuratovna Assistant
Safarova Munavvar Pardaevna Assistant
OqboevToshpulot Alixo’jaevich Assistant
Yuldasheva Dlfuza Axmatovna Assistant
Maxmatmurodova Nargiza Negmatullaevna Assistant
Zakiryaeva Parvina Odilovna Assistant
Nosirova Dildora Erkinovna Assistant


  For 85 years of existence of the Samarkand Medical Institute, the team of teachers of the department of hospital therapy has been doing a lot of fruitful work in training, educating personnel, providing medical assistance to the population of Samarkand, in some other areas, developing a number of scientific problems, and doing a lot of public work in the institute and region.The founder, organizer and head of the department was Nikolai IvanovichKornetov. Over the years, the clinical base of the department, its equipment, and most importantly its personnel have grown (U.K. Vakhabova, B.Kh. Khamzaliev, B.R. Rustamov, V.I. Garkusha O.A. Lagutina, N.M. Mukharlyamov and Aralov, N.R.). Head of the work at the department, many assistants, associate professors defended doctoral dissertations (Kornetov N.N., Dzhalalov A.D., Rustamov B.R., Dzhalalova V.A., Sattarov R.R. and Aralov.N.R.).
  The department always focuses on the issues of regional pathology. From the day of its formation (1933) to the present, it is not possible to give a detailed overview of all the multifaceted activities of the department, and therefore we restrict ourselves to considering the main cases in the educational, scientific, medical, educational areas, during the period of heading the department by Prof. N.I. Kornetov, prof. A.S. Mnushkin, prof. V.Yu. Ioffe, Prof. A.D. Dzhalalov and the author of these lines V.A. Jalalova.
  From 1933-1944, it was located at the SamMi Clinical Hospital named after F. Khodjaev, with a fund of 80 hospital beds, of which 20 were allocated for tropical diseases: malaria, leishmaniasis, papatachi. In those years, a number of Russian scientists (M.P. Konchalovsky, M.Ya. Yarotsky) and a large galaxy of Russian medical scientists who came to Moscow, had an impact on the organization of the Samarkand State Medical Institute, in particular the formation of the department of hospital therapy, by their worldview, consultations and style of work. connection with the organization and start of work of SamMi.
  From 2009-2020 Head of the Department of Therapy No. 4 and Hematology of SamGosMI February 3, 2015 on an electoral basis of the 5th Academic Council of SamMI, N.R. Aralov was appointed head of the Department of Therapy No. 4 and Hematology. On November 3, 1994, at the specialized therapeutic Council of SamMI under the Higher Attestation Commission, N.R. Aralova on the topic: "Clinical and immunological status in infectious-allergic bronchial asthma in residents of Uzbekistan and the possibility of immunocorrection of revealed disorders with T-activin." Since 1995, N.R. Aralov is a candidate of medical sciences, specialty: 14.00.05 - Internal diseases, and 14.00.36 - Allergology and immunology. On September 5, 2005, at the Specialized Council of the Research Institute of Phthisiology and Pulmonology at the Higher Attestation Commission, N.R. Aralova for the degree of Doctor of Medical Sciences on the topic: "Immunogenetic mechanisms in the pathogenesis of chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases in tobacco growers and improving methods of their treatment." Since 2006 N.R. Aralov is a Doctor of Medical Sciences in the specialty: 14.00.43 - Pulmonology and 14.00.36 - Allergology and Immunology. On the basis of new pedagogical, information and communication approaches N.R. Aralov has developed many teaching aids, guidelines, text and multimedia lectures on the subject "Internal Medicine" and "Clinical Allergology and Pulmonology". He was the head of the assistant of the department M.B. Kholzhigitova. The topic of the dissertation for a PhD degree on the topic: "Clinical and immunological substantiation and effectiveness of immunomodulatory therapy in chronic obstructive bronchitis", specialty 14.00.05 - Internal diseases. Under his leadership, M. B. Kholzhigitova successfully defended her work. 4 more topics were approved under his leadership: Assistant T.A. Okboev. “Ozbek population of cida determination lashganoilavium bronchial asthma rivozhlanishining clinics-geneticist aspectlari”. Assistant Makhmatmuradova NN "Optimization of diagnostics of nonspecific interstitial pneumonia based on immunological biomarkers", Ibadova OA Assistant of the Department of Internal Diseases No. 3 and Endocrinology, "Clinical and immunological predictors and their role in the progression of nonspecific interstitial pneumonia", assistant P. Zakiryaeva Immunologically mediated treatment regimen for patients with nonspecific interstitial pneumonia.
  KholzhigitovaMuhayoBerdikulovna, was born in 1979, Uzbek, higher education. 2003 graduated from the medical faculty of the Samarkand State Medical Institute. From 2006 to 2009 she completed his master's degree in Therapy at the Samarkand State Medical Institute. Since September 2009 she has been an assistant at the Department of Propedeutics of Internal Diseases. From 2011 to 2013, she passed postgraduate studies in the specialty "Therapy". Since 2014, she is an assistant at the Department of Internal Medicine No. 4. PhD on the topic: "Clinical and immunological substantiation and effectiveness of immunomodulatory therapy in chronic obstructive bronchitis", specialty 14.00.05 - Internal Medicine. Defended on 15.10.2020. Scientific adviser: MD, prof. Aralov N.R. M.B. Kholzhigitova is the author of over 40 scientific articles and abstracts. 1 study guide and 1 research guidelines were published. 1 computer software certificate was developed. Currently Kholdzhigitova M.B. under the leadership of the head of the department Kholdzhigitova M.B. a scientific circle of young therapists was organized, which conducts scientific and organizational work in 3 areas: cardiology, pulmonology, gastroenterology.


Spiritual and educational work at the department is carried out on the basis of the roadmap approved by the dean of the medical faculty of the institute Lutfullaev G.U. The department has a stand for the Strategy of actions in five priority areas of development of the Republic of Uzbekistan for 2017-2021, posters dedicated to the State Program and "Five Initiatives" to improve the activities of youth.

  Kafedraga biriktirilgan barcha gurux kuratorlarining ish rejalari va uchrashuv bayonnomalari mavjud. Xar payshanba kuni kafedraning mas’ul assistenti Safarova M.P. boshchiligida kafedra xodimlari va studentlar ishtirokida yo`riknoma asosida ma’naviyat soatlari uzluksiz olib boriladi, bayonnomalarga kayd etiladi. Barcha gurux raxbarlari uziga biriktirilgan studentlar bilan muntazam uchrashuvlar o`tkazadi.

  KAll curators of the department have a work plan for curatorial groups and meeting minutes. Every Thursday, under the guidance of the responsible assistant of the department Safarova M.P. with the participation of the staff and students of the department, on the basis of the rules of spirituality, spiritual and educational work is continuously carried out, recorded in the protocol. All group leaders meet regularly with their assigned students.

The staff of the department conducts educational work on the rules of etiquette, on the culture of dressing in society, on the dangers of smoking and drinking alcohol. Under the instructions of the department of spirituality and education of the institute, explanatory work was carried out on the "Message of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan", "Fight against bad habits", "Covid-19". The Resolutions of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Sh.M. Mirziyoyev and the Action Strategy on five priority areas of development of the Republic of Uzbekistan for 2017-2021 and “Five Initiatives” developed by President Sh. Mirziyoyev in support of youth were regularly studied.

Work on the formation of a healthy lifestyle and physical culture:

  Students are informed about a healthy lifestyle. Students studying at the department are provided with highly qualified medical care according to their requirements. In particular, on World AIDS Day, students were provided with detailed information on the transmission routes and symptoms of the disease, its complications, a presentation of an emergency raid in Samarkand on the topic “Combating bad habits” and recommendations for leading a healthy lifestyle.
  Excursions to historical monuments and holy places with curatorial groups are regularly held. 2020 On March 7, a visit and a festive event was organized with the participation of the curatorial groups of the House of Mercy No. 10.

  Head of the Department Kholzhigitova M.B. and assistant Okboev T.A. worked in the regional infectious diseases hospital for the treatment and fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

DocentProfessor Dusanov A.D. took an active part in the provision of qualified medical care and treatment to the population affected by the floods in the village of Sardoba, Jizzakh region (May 2-7).

Work done in organizations:

   The head of the department, M. B. Kholоigitova, took an active part on 10.11.2020 in organizing seminars and trainings in the districts of the Samarkand region, in implementing Presidential Decree No. -4887 of "On additional measures to ensure healthy nutrition of the population", and on 30.10.2020 - Presidential Decree -6099 "On measures for the widespread introduction of a healthy lifestyle and the further development of mass sports" to further strengthen the health of the population, improve the quality and effectiveness of treatment in the healthcare system..

Seminar in the Samarkand region

A seminar in the Pastdargom district.

A seminar in the Ishtikhan district.

The teaching staff of the department actively participates in the work on measures to prevent and spread Covid-19 infection. Employees of the department in the Kushrabat district visit district hospitals and polyclinics, conduct regular seminars on prevention and vaccination against COVID-19, as well as about the benefits of vaccination and answer questions.

  In March 2020, Associate Professor A. D. Dusanov spoke on Samarkand television on the topic "Food culture", in June 2020 on the TV channel of Uzbekistan" Uzbekistan-24 "and on the Samarkand TV channel" Dier "about" Covid-19 " and compliance with the quarantine rules.

  Associate Professor A.D. Dusanov held a master class on "Healthy lifestyle and nutrition culture"at the Medical College of the Ishtikhansky district in 2020. The students received complete answers to their questions on the topic.


  Many scientific works have been published by professors and teachers of the department. These include: a monograph, guidelines, guidelines.
-Monograph "Bronchial asthma" Aralov N.R., Okboev T.A. 2015
- Methodical manual "Phytotherapy". Aralov N.R. Safarova M.P.
- "Chronic obstructive bronchitis (diagnosis, modern approach)" 2018. Aralov N.R. Kholzhigitova M.B. Methodical guidance.
- “Algorithm for the diagnosis of chronic obstructive bronchitis. Aralov N.R. Kholzhigitova M.B. Methodical recommendations. 2020
- Modern methods of diagnosis and treatment of chronic bronchitis. 2019. Methodical recommendations of Samarkand. Aralov N.R., Okboev T.A., Kholzhigitova M.B.
-Program for choosing treatment tactics for patients with newly diagnosed chronic obstructive bronchitis. 2020.03. Computer program Aralov N.R. Kholzhigitova M.B.
- "Atopic dermatitis" Methodological manual. Okboev T.A. Aralov N.R.
- Methodical manual "Bronchial asthma". Okboev T.A. Aralov N.R.
- Methodical manual "Allergic diseases". Okboev T.A. Aralov N.R.
- The program of choice of treatment tactics for patients with community-acquired pneumonia. 2020 Computerprogram. Nosirova D.E., N.N. Mamurov.


  In 2020 Kholzhigitova M.B. defended her PhD thesis on «Clinical and immunological rational and effectiveness of immunomodulating therapy in chronic obstructive bronchitis».
  Assistants Makhmatmuradova N. N., Zakiryaeva P. O., Okboev T. A.,Yuldasheva.D. A, Nosirova D.E. carry out research work to defend PhD thesis. On the part of the faculty of the department, more than 100 scientific papers have been published in local and international journals, 4 articles in journals with an impact factor indexed to the database (Scopus, Web of Science), 10 acts of implementation. The staff of the department regularly participate in international and local scientific and practical conferences, have more than 50 certificates of participation. From the side of assistants Mamurova N.N. and Zakiryaeva P.O. an international online conference was organized with the participation of Dr. Mir on the topic “Liver failure”.