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II Forum of medical students of Uzbekistan in Samara State Medical University

  On March 15-16 of this year, on the initiative of Samarkand State Medical University the second forum of medical students of Uzbekistan was organized. More than one hundred students from 10 medical universities of the republic took part in the forum, and the total number of covered young people amounted to more than 8000 thousand people.

  The event was opened by the Rector of SamGMU, Professor Jasur Rizaev, who congratulated the students on such a momentous event, said: "The purpose of the forum is to improve students' knowledge of the fundamental and applied sciences of medicine, to apply theoretical knowledge in practice, as well as to attract medical students to the world and domestic medical heritage." This forum was organized with support and direct participation of students of our university, primary organization of SamSMU Youth Union and SamSMU Union.

  In the framework of forum, students took part in competitions "National costumes", "Student life video", "Student projects", "Startup project", "Scientific and innovation projects", intellectual game "Zakovat" (Comment. What? Where? When?) and sport competitions on Badminton, Table Tennis and Volleyball. The second day of the forum included lectures by leading experts.

  Students presented to the general public their projects, scientific researches and developments, representing their universities. In a word, this forum was a really useful platform to reveal the abilities of young people.

  It is worth noting that students from most medical institutions of Uzbekistan, in particular Samarkand State Medical University, Tashkent Medical Academy, Tashkent State Dentistry Institute, Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute, Andijan State Medical Institute, Bukhara State Medical Institute, European Medical University, Fergana Medical Institute of Society and Society, as well as a number of medical universities of Uzbekistan, have contributed to raising the prestige of this event.

  The intellectual game "Zakovat", held during the forum, was organized in the form of a brainstorming game. Two students from the same university competed in the sports of badminton and table tennis.

  Forum of medical students of Uzbekistan, which was held at Samarkand State Medical University and has already become a tradition, will serve to strengthen friendship and solidarity of students of medical universities, mutual cooperation, love for their jobs, loyalty to the profession and the future of doctors, will strengthen your faith in the future and contribute to the future of our beloved country, it would be no exaggeration to say that this is the case.

SamSMU Press service