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Young neurosurgeons from Samarkand State Medical University attended International Congress in India

  On January 19-22, 2023 under direction of M.A. Aliev, head of Samarkand State Medical University Neurosurgery Department, and S.A. Mamadalieva, doctor of neurosurgery department of multi-disciplinary clinic, activists of student scientific society "Young neurosurgeons" took part in 9th World Congress and course of micro neurosurgery, organized by Walter Ye. Dandy in Jaipur, India.

  Leading neurosurgeons including Salim I. Abdulrauf (USA), Roberto Rafael Herrera (Argentina), Prof. Siddhartha Ghosh (India), Andrei Giovanni (Romania), Atul Goel (India), Basant Mishra (India), Anil Pande (India), Kosaku Amano (Japan), Kenichiro Kukuta (Japan) and other well-known representatives of this field participated in the congress. Samarkand State Medical University (SamSMU) representatives took an active part in training courses "Creation of microanastomoses in extra-intracranial vessels" and "Making micro-neurosurgical sutures" which were organised within the frames of the Congress and received international certificates.

  Thus, works of members of student scientific society of SamSMU, including Bakhora Mamadalieva (1st year of clinical residency), Kholmurodova Khulkar (2nd course, 5th course, 520 g), Kasym Kuvondikov (1st course, 5th course, 519 g), Rinat Gadoev (Pediatric Faculty, 4th course, 409 g). ), Holmurodov Odilbek (pediatric faculty, course 4, 423 gr.), Abdunazarov Shohzod (pediatric faculty, course 4, 422 gr.), Saidmurodov Mahmudali (1-medical faculty, course 3, 328 gr.) were highly appreciated by World Association of Neurosurgery and our students received student grants to cover expenses for participation in the work of Congress.

  At the Congress the staff of the Department of Neurosurgery also discussed the possibility of admission of the "Young Neurosurgeons" of Samarkand State Medical University to membership in the World Association of Neurosurgery named after Walter Ye. Dandy, the opening of the student neurosurgical club "Dandy" at the University, and scientific and practical cooperation with the Association of Neurosurgeons of India.

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