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Samarkand State Medical University hosted the International Scientific and Practical Conference "High Technologies in Surgery"

  The International Scientific-Practical Conference on "High Technologies in Surgery" started at Samarkand State Medical University on 14 December. The participants of the conference are well-known specialists in surgery and transplantology from Turkey, Russia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Korea, and medical universities of the republic. Among the invited speakers are leading scientists and practitioners, including Professors of the Medical Park Clinic at Aydin University (Istanbul, Turkey) Dr. Bulent Ünal and Dr. Abuzer Dirikan, Head of the Department of Emergency Surgical Care of the All-Russian Center for Emergency and Radiation Medicine named after A.M. Nikiforova, (St. Petersburg, Russian Federation) Professor Dmitry Dvoryankin and Senior Researcher of this center Alexander Rastegaev, Head of the Center for Transplantation and Liver Surgery of the Novosibirsk Regional Clinical Hospital (Novosibirsk, Russian Federation) Professor Ivan Porshennikov, Professor of Myongji Hospital (Republic of Korea) ) Li Jeong Hun.

  At the opening ceremony of the international conference Rector of Samarkand State Medical University Prof. Jasur Rizaev, Chief surgeon of the Ministry of Health of Uzbekistan Prof. Mirshavkat Akbarov, Professor of Medical Park Clinic of Aydin University Dr Bulent Yunal, Chief combustiologist of the Ministry of Health of Uzbekistan Prof. Abdulaziz Fayazov, Prof. Dmitry Dvoryankin, other guests and participants addressed to the conference participants. In their speeches, they stressed the importance of discussing topical issues of surgery, transplantology and other areas of modern surgery for practical healthcare and underlined the importance of international cooperation between universities.

  The plenary session featured presentations on the achievements and prospects of high-tech surgery and the development of surgical schools at Samarkand State Medical University.

  The main part of the international forum was held at breakout sessions, where presentations were made on topical issues of high-tech surgery, transplantology, herniology, bariatrics and combustiology. Particular attention of the participants was attracted by the reports of foreign colleagues and young scientists-researchers.

  The presented scientific and practical developments related to high-tech specialized surgery and transplantology will probably serve to develop solutions to urgent problems in practical healthcare and to a large extent show their significance in the further development of transplantology, bariatrics and combustiology in the republic.

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