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14 January - Defender of the fatherland day

  Our People have always been proud of their brave and courageous young men. Our youth honoured their parents, family and the country they lived and considered their duty to be always ready to defend the Homeland. January 14 is celebrated in our country as Defenders of the Fatherland Day and Armed Forces Day.

  This holiday is considered as a holiday not only for soldiers but also for our compatriots who have completed military service, and thousands of young people who will serve in the future. This holiday is widely celebrated every year.

  On the occasion of this feast, staff of the Medical Chemistry and Clinical Pharmacology Department of the Samarkand State Medical Institute's Faculty of Pharmacy became aware of the state of veterans who served behind the front lines, and our soldiers who ensure the peace of our country.

  Employees of the Department of Clinical Pharmacology also paid a visit to home of Mumin Khurramovich Khaitov, who had worked at our institute for many years, and congratulated him with his holiday.

  On this day, staff members of the department of Medical chemistry visited the military camp in Samarkand and congratulated soldiers and wished them to be in the best of health and strength.

  It is not exaggeration to say that the celebration of this holiday symbolizes the boundless respect and pride of our people to sons of the country.

  On behalf of Samarkand State Medical Institute, we congratulate all defenders of the Fatherland with this glorious holiday and wish them family harmony, peace and good health. May your lives always be full of honor and victory! Serve tirelessly in the defense of the Fatherland. Happy Holidays, dear defenders of our country!!!

SamSMI Press Service