PBIM (137) № 4 2022

Subject of the article



Sherkulov Kodir Usmonkulovich, Makhmudov Timur Bakhodirovich, Radjabov Jasur Pardaboevich


Samarkand State Medical University, Republic of Uzbekistan, Samarkand


During the study period, 450 patients with acute paraproctitis were treated in the department of coloproctology. 450 operations completed. Operational activity for five years was 100%. According to emergency indications, 450 surgical interventions were performed, which accounted for 30.5% of the total number of proctological operations. 450 patients were operated on for acute paraproctitis, which accounted for 15.9% of emergency operations and 30.5% of all operations for the current period in the department. The most common emergency pathology that required surgical intervention is acute paraproctitis, which mainly affects people of working age, among which men predominate. The main localization is the subcutaneous form of the process. Early visits accounted for a third of all cases, most of the patients were admitted to the hospital by referral from polyclinics.

Key words

Аcute paraproctitis, retrorectal, ischiorectal, coloproctology.


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