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Journal of hepato-gastroenterological research

Article submission requirements

  Original articles should be submitted by e-mail (attachment in Word format - the name of the first author, for example, "petrov.doc").

  The article must have a cover letter signed by the head of the institution where the work was done. When placing it on the journal's website, you must provide a scanned version of this document

  The text of the manuscript of the original article should be submitted in Microsoft Word format, font size 14 pt. 1.5 intervals, page settings A4 format.

  Permissible volume: original research - up to 15 pages, including tables, figures and a list of references; reviews - up to 20 pages, clinical studies - up to 10 pages. Manuscripts in Microsoft Word format must be submitted in one file. Please place tables and figures in the main text after the paragraph in which they are first mentioned.

  On the first page should be presented: from the side of the authors - last name, first name and patronymic in full, scientific degree and academic title; position and name of the institution in which the author works; personal ORCID. Then comes the title of the manuscript, summary (abstract), keywords (this section should be formatted in the language of submission of the article, as well as in English).

  A summary (abstract) of the original study should be presented in the form of sections: "The purpose of the study", "Material and methods", "Results", "Conclusions". The summary contains specific provisions that reflect the essence of the article, accurately reflects its content. The abstract can be up to 250 words. List 3-7 keywords.

  Manuscripts of original research should be presented with dedicated sections: "Relevance of the research", "Purpose of the research", "Material and research methods", "Research results", "Discussion", "Conclusions".

  Abbreviations of terms, other than generally accepted ones, are not allowed. Indicate the abbreviation of the term when it is first used in the abstract or in the text of the manuscript. The exception is the standard units of measure. The results of research and observations should be presented in units of the International System (SI).

  Tables must be submitted in Word format. They should be consecutively numbered with Arabic numerals and thus referred to in the text. Tables should have a short, descriptive title that exactly matches the content, and the content should be self-contained. Table titles and their content should be translated into English.

  The illustrations (photographs, graphs, diagrams, maps, etc.) represent the authors' original contribution to the manuscript. Reproduction of illustrative material from other publications or Internet resources is absolutely unacceptable

  Illustrations are provided as separate files in GIF, JPEG, TIFF formats with a resolution of at least 300 dpi at 100% magnification. Figures are numbered in Arabic numerals, in order in the text, parts of multi-component drawings are indicated in Latin letters (eg: Fig. 1 a, b, c, etc.). Figure titles, designations in figures and figure captions must be translated into English.

  The bibliographic list should include sources that are less than 10 years old. Self-citation must be justified by the content of the manuscript; excessive self-citation is unacceptable. The bibliographic list must be drawn up in accordance with the requirements in accordance with GOST 7.1-2003. Page footnotes are prohibited.


Yusupova Nargiza Abdikodirovna

Assistant of the Department of Clinical and Laboratory Diagnostics

Samarkand State Medical University

Samarkand, Uzbekistan




  (“The purpose of the study”, “Material and methods”, “Results”, “Conclusions”)

  Key words: (3-7 words)

  (all of the above in 2 languages: the language of submission of the article, English)

  The text of the article ("Relevance of the study", "The purpose of the study", "Material and methods of research", "Results of the study", "Discussion", "Conclusions").

  Bibliographic list