Stomatologiya va kraniofasial tadqiqotlar jurnali №3 2022.pdf

Subject of the article



Makhmudov Gulomjon Alisherovich, Olimjonov Kamron Jasur ugli



The problem of fissure caries remains one of the key problems in modern cariesology. For individual prevention, the most effective method is the sealing of fissures and pits on the surface of the teeth.Sealing (sealing) of fissures creates a physical barrier to cariogenic factors and microbial plaque, remineralization of hard tooth tissues.Tooth sealing is the sealing of fissures. This is the name of the natural depressions on the chewing surface of the teeth.In some children, they are too deep and tortuous, which reduces the effectiveness of hygiene procedures. In addition, the enamel in this area is the thinnest, and mineralization occurs at least 2 years after the eruption of the molars. Therefore, for the prevention of fissure caries, it is important to take action as early as possible.

Key words

children, dental caries, prevention, fissure sealing, effectiveness


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