Kardiorespirator tadqiqotlar jurnali. Maxsus son. 2022

Subject of the article



Tajieva Z.B.


Urgen branch of the Tashkent Medical Academy


In the complex treatment of acute and chronic kidney diseases in children, diet therapy plays an important role. High requirements are imposed on therapeutic nutrition, since the kidney is the main organ for the excretion of metabolic products that come with food and are formed as a result of the breakdown of body tissues, as well as the organ responsible for maintaining the constancy of the internal environment. Under certain conditions, it becomes necessary to correct in the diet of nutrients such as animal protein, gluten, oxalates, urates, phosphates, the metabolic products of which are excreted through the kidneys and affect not only the pathogenetic mechanisms of the development of the disease, but also participate in the formation of non-immune processes of progression disease to the stage of renal failure

Key words

children, dysmetabolic nephropathy, crystalluria, oxalaturia


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