Kardiorespirator tadqiqotlar jurnali. Maxsus son. 2022

Subject of the article



Nurillaeva N.M., Omarov K.B., Khasanova N.A.


Tashkent medical academy


Many people who have been ill with coronavirus, even in a mild form, note that they experience various negative sensations in the body even months after recovery. Currently, a specialized term has appeared to define this condition - post-covid syndrome. Purpose study of the features of the clinical course of the post-COVID period and the effect of the complex use of glutathione on the recovery period of patients who underwent COVID-19.Material and methods. The clinical condition of 58 patients with COVID - 19 who arrived for inpatient treatment at the cardiology department of the TMA multidisciplinary clinic, 20-30 days after the disappearance of symptoms of coronavirus infection, was analyzed. Several pieces of evidence presented in our biochemical analysis suggest that low GSH levels may be one of the main causes of the excessive inflammatory response associated with severe COVID-19 symptoms and indicate that an increase in GSH in the body may reduce the number of symptomatic patients. Future clinical studies of GSH levels in patients with COVID-19 may be a starting point to explore this possibility

Key words

post-COVID syndrome, glutathione, coronavirus, COVID-19.


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