Reproduktiv salomatlik va uro-nefrologik tadqiqotlar jurnali 2023 №1.

Subject of the article



Zukhurova Nodira Kobiljonovna, Negmadzhanov Baxodur Boltaevich, Arzieva Gulnora Borievna


Samarkand State Medical University


On the basis of the retrospective analysis of 35 case reports of labor and the neonatal with gestational diabetes on pregnancy (using criteria of the nonparametric statistics) are revealed development the effects of gestational diabetes on pregnancy, labor and the neonate: complication and outcomes in birth. So, among development the effects of gestational diabetes on pregnancy it is revealed: obesity — 34,8%, the burdened heredity on a diabetes in 21,7%, a first labour aged is more senior 30 years — 65,2%. Presence the effects of gestational diabetes on pregnancy has complicated of the present pregnancy: imminence miscarriages — 52,1%, anaemia I — 17,3%, OPH-gestosis — 65,2%, in 8,7% — it was registered progressive stage. The Cesarean section in 65,2%, among them ahead of schedule — 16,8% was the indication for management by operation. The number of neonatal with not complicated period has made 26,1%. The pregnancy at patients with gestational diabetes becomes complicated stratification progressive stage of OPH-gestosis that aggravates a current of the basic disease, with formation diabetic complication in birth that the indication for management by the Cesarean section. Early neonatal period is characterised by an adverse current and does not depend on a way management labor, at these child has insufficiency of cerebral system are more often observed.

Key words

Feto-placental complex, Gestational diabetes mellitus, Perinatal outcomes


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