Reproduktiv salomatlik va uro-nefrologik tadqiqotlar jurnali 2023 №1.

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Kamilov Khaidar Pozilovich, Yuldasheva Nasiba Alisherovna, Isroilova Mokhina Ilhomjon kizi


Tashkent Stomatology Institute and Hospital therapeutic dentistry


Pregnancy is a physiological state of the female body, which is often accompanied by an exacerbation of various chronic pathological processes due to the increased demands placed on organs and systems during this period. When pregnancy occurs, profound hormonal changes and changes in immunological reactivity occur, which adversely affect the clinic of latent various chronic diseases of bacterial origin [7]. One of the brightest manifestations of this period are changes in the state of organs and tissues of the oral cavity, both periodontal and teeth [1,2,4]. When studying the mechanism of development of the pathology of oral tissues during pregnancy, the presence of extragenital and gynecological diseases, the number of pregnancies, the trimester and complications of pregnancy, the woman's age and other reasons are of great importance. The existing diseases and pathologies of the oral cavity, which are complicated by the onset and development of pregnancy, are of no small importance [4,9]. According to different authors, in the physiological course of pregnancy, the prevalence of dental caries is 91-92%, periodontal tissue diseases occur in 90% of cases, lesions of previously intact teeth (with a predominantly acute course of the carious process) - in 38% of pregnant patients. In half of pregnant women and parturient women, the so-called gingivitis of pregnant women is observed with a physiological course already at 2- 3 months of pregnancy [1,8]. In the future, as pregnancy develops, periodontitis progresses continuously, and only in the postpartum period does the clinical picture improve slightly [10].

Key words

herpathic stomatitis , herpathic stomatitis in pregnant women


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