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Utamuradova Nigora Abdurakhmanovna, Isanova Shoira Tulkinovna, Ollanova Shakhnoza Sirliboevna, Mukhtarova Aziza Alisherovna


Samarkand State Medical University, Republic of Uzbekistan, Samarkand


Today, not only in our republic, but throughout the world, the main problem is the use of drinking water by people, environmental protection by the state, the study of its racial use, in which the study of chemical and organoleptic indicators. The components of the demand indicator for clean drinking water have become one of the most pressing issues. Moreover, in the case of pollution of drinking water used on agar, a great danger to public health. We know that the composition of water requires full compliance with the physiological and hygienic requirements of the body and its organoleptic properties, chemical composition, the presence or absence of pathogenic microbes and radioactive rays.

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drinking water, nitrite, iron, copper, chromium, selenium, strontium, trace elements, hydrogen, wastewater, organoleptic parameters, GOST, coli-titer, coli-index.


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