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Djuraev Alisher Anarbaevich, Saydullaev Zayniddin Yakhshiboevich, Ahmedov Gayrat Keldibaevich, Pulatov Boburmirzo Nuriddin ugli


1 - Samarkand State Medical University, Republic of Uzbekistan, Samarkand; 2 - Bulungur district medical association, Republic of Uzbekistan, Samarkand region


The article deals with one of the rare surgical diseases – gallstone intestinal obstruction. In the etiology play a "large" gallstones and internal biliary-enteric fistulas. The clinic and diagnosis of this pathology may not differ from other types of intestinal obstruction, but the treatment tactics of biliary ileus has several features and requires special surgical tactics.

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Gallstone disease, intestinal obstruction, biliary ileus, surgical tactics, enterotomy.


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