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ALLAZOV Salah Allazovich TURSUNOV Ozod Bakhodyrovich BOBOKULOV Nurullo Asadovich KHAMROEV Gulom Abduganievich KHOLMATOV Bakhtiyor Usarovich


Samarkand State Medical Institute Samarkand multidisciplinary regional hospital


Depending on the degree of varicocele, treatment can be conservative or operative. If severe pain occurs as a result of thrombosis, phlebitis and rupture of the plexus plexus veins with the formation of a scrotal hematoma, surgical intervention is performed urgently. Sometimes, with technical errors during surgery for iatrogenic varicocele (ligation or transection of the ureter, failure of ligatures on the vein stump), patients need emergency help. In case of urgent complications of varicocele due to its late or late diagnosis, patients also need emergency or urgent surgical care. These aspects of the problem in the urological literature are poorly covered and, therefore, practical urologists are almost not aware of them, therefore they are almost never diagnosed or under the auspices of other emergency testicular diseases (acute orchitis, epididymitis, testicular torsion, acute scrotum).

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thrombophlebitis of the veins of the testicle, rupture of the veins of the lobe plexus, hematoma of the scrotum, damage to the ureter.


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