Biomeditsina va amaliyot jurnali, 2022 №1

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BURKHANOVA Gulnoza Lutfilloevna MAVLYANOVA Zilola Farkhadovna RAVSHANOVA Maftuna Zohidzhonovna


Samarkand State Medical Institute


The article provides data on the main causes of convulsive syndrome in children of different ages. The tactics and algorithm for managing children with convulsive syndrome by pediatricians, pediatric neurologists and general practitioners are described. As well as the features of providing assistance to this category of patients. A special place is given to the description of clinical, laboratory and instrumental research methods, such as E.E.G., CT, MRI, etc. Such an integrated approach will allow not only timely detection of epilepsy in children, but also correctly identify the cause of seizure activity

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children, epilepsy, convulsive syndrome, tactics, instrumental research methods


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