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B. B. Negmadjanov, F. I. Zokirov, E. Kh. Shopulatov


Samarkand state medical university, Samarkand, Uzbekistan


Imperforate hymen is a rare common congenital anomaly of the female genital tract, in which the hymen completely closes the entrance to the vagina. Despite the fact that the diagnosis of this pathology is not difficult, often when examining a newborn by a neonatologist immediately after childbirth, this pathology remains undiagnosed. In the neonatal period, under the influence of maternal estrogen, the glands of the newborn‘s vagina secrete mucus, due to the accumulation of which in imperforate hymen mucocolpos develops. The latter causes a pronounced pain syndrome, up to ischuria. This article highlights the method of surgical treatment of mucocolpos with the preservation of the hymenal ring in 21 girls aged 4.5 months to 2.4 years. With this method, there is no need to approximate mucosal margins to prevent reclosure of hymenal orifice which potentially preserves the integrity of the hymenal ring.

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hymen, imperforate hymen, mucocolpos, hymenal ring.


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