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Zh. A. Turdumatov, F. D. Saifiev, N. B. Soleeva, L. B. Shukurova, G. M. Mardieva


Samarkand state medical university, Samarkand, Uzbekistan


The late treatment of patients and low diagnostic accuracy in the early stages are prerequisites for numerous studies devoted to the development of methods for the early detection of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and the assessment of the influence of various factors on the severity of the disease and its outcome. The data of complex computed tomography and the study of the function of external respiration of patients from the COPD risk group were analyzed. The most frequent lung changes in patients at risk of COPD was emphysema. The symptom of expiratory "air trap" in combination with expansion and deformation of bronchi of various sizes, up to broncho- and bronchioectasis, was diagnostically significant for COPD during computed tomography. An optimized diagnostic algorithm for managing a patient with suspected COPD during the initial and dynamic treatment allows detecting signs of the disease at an early stage, while the Tiffno index remains within the normal range. In the presence of clinical symptoms of bronchial obstruction and negative spirometry data, patients should undergo inspiratory-expiratory CT to detect signs of COPD, including the symptom of "air traps".

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