Doktor axborotnomasi 2022, №3 (106)

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V. V. Benedykt, A. M. Prodan, Yu. V. Soroka, V. M. Bahrii


I. Horbachevsky Ternopil National Medical University of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine


Treatment of patients with acute surgical abdominal pathology requires the surgeon to choose the optimal surgical tactics. The aim of the work was to develop criteria for choosing surgical tactics for laparostomy in patients with acute widespread peritonitis (AWP) to improve the results of treatment. 50 clinical records of patients who died of AWP and 131 patients' clinical cases after surgical treatment of AWP were studied. The use of laparostomy in patients with acute peritonitis prevents the development of intraabdominal hypertension, facilitates aeration of the abdominal cavity, and improves the postoperative period. The proposed method of laparostomy allows monitoring of the condi-tion of abdominal organs after surgery, reducing the number of relaparotomies, and abandoning the use of general anesthesia during the laparotomy closure.

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acute peritonitis, laparostomy, advanced method.


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