Биология ва тиббиёт муаммолари 2024 №1 (151)

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Khudoiberdiev Dilshod Karimovich, Teshaev Shukhrat Jumaevich


Bukhara State Medical Institute, Republic of Uzbekistan, Bukhara


In order to reveal the mechanism of constitutional factors in the development of chronic diseases of the stomach, which is the central member of the digestive system, several scientific literatures were studied. Based on the morphological approach, in the study of human health, the constitutional specificity of the body is considered an indispensable component in normal conditions and in various pathologies. Studying the dependence of the characteristics of gastric pathology in humans on the constitution of type 5 in men and 7 in women seems to be the next perspective for us, so it should be taken into account by clinicians as part of an individual approach to the patient.

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age-related x-ray anatomy, constitutional specificity, stomach, various factors.


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