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Shoalimova Z.M.


Tashkent Medical Academy


One of the factors defining prognosis in patients with heart failure (CHF) is endothelial dysfunction. The aim of the given study was to define antithrombogenic and vasolidating vascular wall activity in patients with CHF. 60 examined patients comprised two groups: the main group consisted of 40 patients after Qmyocardial infarction, the comparison group consisted of 20 patients. To determine antithrombogenic properties of vascular wall, «cuff testing» method developed by V.P.Balouda was used. Endothelial vasomotor function was studied using probes with reactive hyperemia and nitroglycerin. In patients with CHF decrease of antithrombogenic and vasolidating vascular wall activity was observed. During six months of monitoring the number of repeated unfavorable cardiovascular events in patients with IV functional class CHF having long term CHF symptoms and EF value < 33% is reliably higher in comparison with patients of I, II and III functional classes of CHF.

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chronic heart failure, endothelial dysfunction.


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