Reproduktiv salomatlik va uro-nefrologik tadqiqotlar jurnali 2022 № 1

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Аxmedjanova Nargiza Ismailovna, Аxmedjanov Ismoil Аxmedjanovich, Аshurova Noilya Shuxratovna


Samarkand State Medical Institute


In the structure of chronic kidney disease, chronic glomerulonephritis occupies a special place as one of the causes of end-stage renal failure. Purpose of the study: to establish the role of tubulointerstitial injury (TIP) in the progression of chronic glomerulonephritis (CGN) in children and to determine the features of the TIP formation. Material and research methods. In determining the clinical forms and syndromes of glomerulonephritis, the classification of primary GN in children, adopted in 1976 (Vinnitsa), was used. Group 1 included 20 children with nephrotic CGN, group 2 - 11 patients with nephritic CGN, group 3 - 34 patients with mixed form of CGN. Results. The renal functions for osmotic concentration and glomerular filtration were preserved in 7 children.

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chronic glomerulonephritis, tubulointerstitial lesion


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