Biomeditsina va amaliyot jurnali, 2022 №6

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Idiev E. Gayra


Bukhara State Medical Institute


Objective: of the topic is to analyze the comparative description and correlation of clinical and neurological factors that negatively affect the etiology of high-mandibular pathologies. Methods: as of the Bukhara State Medical Institute, 1197 patients who applied to the center "Dental Training-scientific and practical", of which 20-69 patients with impaired activity of the chakka-mandible, 608 patients in the age range, 589 teeth and row defects in the control group, but patients who did not find changes in the upper-lower jaw jaws. Results: in the study of pain in the gums and tongue, the tongue hurts in AG-1-14 (5.71%); AG-2-11 (7.14%); AG-3 – 14 (6.69%) patients, and the feeling of bitterness in the mouth - respectively in 28 (11.42%); 16 (10.38%); 18 it was noted that one (8.61%) patient was concerned; as well as the average intensity of feelings of pity in the mouth and tongue mucosa according to the vas indicator, respectively 4,4±1,8; 4,0±1,4; 3,8±1,2. It was worth it to score points. Conclusions. the bulk of the examined patients, regardless of which group they were in, registered cases of various discomfort and dysfunction during the lower movements.

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lower jaw in the groin, pathological factors, neurological factors.


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