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Department of Pedagogy and Psychology

Tangirov Eldor Sayfullayevich

Head of Department

Time of receipt: Monday-Saturday 14:00 - 15:00
Tel:(+99899) 0308868
Address: Samarkand, Amir Temur st., 18

Staff of the Department

Surname/Name Position
Tangirov Eldor Sayfullayevich Head of Department
Razikova Lola Tuychiyevna Teacher
Kuchkarova Oysha Oltibayevna Teacher
Mamadiyarova Dilfuza Umirzaqovna Teacher
Muratova Shoista Norbabayevna Teacher
Hayitova Shahnoza Daniyarovna Teacher
Qosimova Ozoda Xudoynazarovna Teacher
Ochilova Farida Baxriddinovna Assistant trainee

Norbo’tayev Farhod Maxsidin o’g’li Assistant trainee


  The Department of Languages was founded in 1946 and was founded by O.K. Directed by Schmidt. From 1953 to 1982, the Samarkand Medical Institute was headed by Valentina Fedorovna Gorbik.
  In April 1997, the department of the Uzbek and Russian languages became independent, the head of the department was S.A. Khidirnazarov worked.
  Since January 3, 2005, the rector of the institute prof. On the initiative of A.M. Shamsiev's department was divided into two.   “Associate Professor of the Department of Russian Language, Pedagogy and Psychology. L. Razikova was appointed Director. In 2009, the department of the Uzbek language was attached to this department.
  From March 15, 2012 to August 26, 2013, the department was headed by G.D. Kuldasheva.
  In 2013, the department was merged with the department of foreign languages and renamed to Ph.D. Safarova Yu.A. directed.
  In 2015, the department was renamed into the so-called ph.n. Babaeva was headed by D. In January 2018, the departments were divided and our department was renamed the Department of Pedagogy, Psychology, Russian and Uzbek languages.
  Since August 27, 2019, the department is headed by Assoc. L.T. He continues to work under the leadership of Razikova.


  The systematic organization of spiritual and educational work in our country, increasing the effectiveness of measures taken in this direction, increasing the intellectual potential, consciousness and outlook of the population, especially young people, strengthening ideological immunity, patriotism, love and devotion to the people. Particular attention is paid to the upbringing of a harmoniously developed generation.

Sh.M. Mirziyoyev

  To glorify human rights and dignity through spiritual and educational work and the establishment of democratic principles based on national and universal values, based on the national program of national ideas and training talented youth, especially among students. , implements long-term large-scale spiritual and moral educational programs aimed at educating a physically healthy, mentally mature, deep-thinking and independent person.

During the academic year, the department conducts a number of spiritual and educational events, round tables, meetings, readings under the motto "5 important initiatives in the life of youth."



  Today the staff of the department is working together on the topic "Pedagogical and psychological aspects in the practice of medicine." He conducts conferences, speaks, and publishes scientific articles on this topic. The department conducts, speaks, publishes, questions concerning the given scientific topic of the department. And today, the staff of the department successfully continue their research related to the topic: participation in international scientific conferences, holding and participation in thematic webinars Scientific thought of the staff., The department is always on the cutting edge
  Each teacher of the department conducts research on topical issues.


1. Mamadiyarova Dilfuza Umirzakovna - conducts research on the topic "Social and psychological features of prevention of occupational stress in future general practitioners."
2. Muratova Shoista Norbabaevna - conducts research on the topic "Social and psychological aspects of preparing boys for family life."
3. Khaitova Shakhnoza Daniyarovna - conducts research on the topic "Didactic conditions for enhancing students' independent learning (on the example of general education sciences)".

4. Kasimova Ozoda Khudoynazarovna - conducts research work on the topic "Technology for the development of national spiritual and moral qualities of students."