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Department of Internal Diseases

Irina Rubenovna Aghababyan

Associate Professo

Reception time: Monday - Saturday 14:00
Tel: (998) 936801225
Address: Mirzo Ulugbek pages eet 70.




Djabbarova Nafisa Mamasoliyevna


Ismailov Jamshid Abduraimovich


Qobilova Nigina Akmalovna

stajor - assistent

Axrorova Zarina Valeyrevna


Ismoilova Yulduz Abduvohidovna

stajor - assistent

Yarasheva Zarrina Xikmatullayevna

stajor- assistent

Department history

  The Department of FPE Therapy was founded in 1982. The base of the department was clinic No. 2 of the Samand Medical Institute. The first head of the department was PhD, Associate Professor A.A. Davidian.

Associate Professor A.A. Davidian.

In 1986-1988, D.Med.Sc, Associate Professor Zhalolov T.M.

  Subsequently, the department was headed by PhD, Associate Professor Zhalolov T.M., PhD, Associate Professor Adylova N.A., PhD, Associate Professor Davidyan A.A., Ph.D. D., Associate Professor Suvanov M.S., D.Med.Sc., Associate Professor Sattorov R.R.

in 1991-1996, PhD, associate professor Suvanov M.S.

in 1996-1999, Dr.Med.Sc, associate professor SattorovR.R.

 From 1999 to 2017, the department was headed by Dc.Med.Sc., prof. Tadzhiev F.S.

Within the department from 1994 to 2004 the course "Functional diagnostics" functioned, led by Ph.D., associate professor Valieva R.U.
  And also from 2005 to 2016 at the department functioned a course of clinical laboratory diagnostics of FUV, which was led by, Ph.D., associate professor Khalikov K.M.
At the department of "Therapy and laboratory diagnostics" worked doctor of medical sciences, prof. Tadzhiev F.S., Ph.D., Associate Professor Adylova N.A., Ph.D., Associate Professor Khalikov K.M.
  The department conducts joint research with the Research Institute of Pulmonology of the Minipages y of Health of the Russian Federation, the Research Institute of Pulmonology and Phthisiology of the Minipages y of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Research Institute of Cardiology of the Minipages y of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
From 2017 to the present, the department is headed by PhD, Associate Professor Aghababyan I.R.
  Currently, the Department of Internal Diseases employs PhD, Associate Professor Aghababyan I.R. assistants Dzhabbarova N.M., Ismailov J.A., Akhrorova Z.V., Kobilova N.A. and Ismailova Yu.A. The base of the department is currently located in the Samarkand regional multidisciplinary medical center.
  The activities of the department are aimed at improving the knowledge of therapists of the Samarkand region and other areas, conducting primary specialization, teaching new research methods.
  During the period of its existence, the staff of the department trained more than 4500 general practitioners and 350 medical laboratory assistants.

Spiritual and educational work.

 Every Thursday, the department conducts spiritual and educational work - the hour “Manaviyat va ma'rifat. Discussed are news related to the socio-economic, political activities of the country, regulatory legal documents: orders, resolutions of the President, the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The staff of the department is actively involved in the events held at the institute.

 In the regions and dipages icts, the staff of the department (Ismailov J.A.) took an active part in the treatment and prevention of the Covid 19 pandemic.

Educational methodical work

  The educational methodical work at the department is organized in accordance with the educational regulatory documents of the Republic of Uzbekistan:
1. Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan on Education (August 29, 1997).
2. National training program (August 29, 1997).
3. Order of the Minipages y of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 125 dated 26.02.2018. "State requirements for the management and organization of the system of advanced training and retraining of health workers."
4. 4. "On measures for the further development of the system of medical and pharmaceutical education and science" No. PO-4310 (06.05.2019)
5. "On measures to introduce a completely new system of training and continuous professional development of personnel in the health sector" No. PO-4666 (April 7, 2020)
6. 6. Tibbiy-sanitation VA pharmaceuticals kadlarining uzluksiz malakasini oshirish tizimini tashkil etish trisidagi Order No. 160 Min.H.RUZ. (06/15/2020).
7. Standard and work programs in subjects.

  The activities of the department are aimed at improving the knowledge of general practitioners, general practitioners and doctors of therapeutic direction, conducting primary specialization, teaching them new research methods and modern standards of treatment. SOMMC is equipped with modern diagnostic equipment and qualified specialists trained in Russia and abroad. To improve the trainees of the FPDO in therapy, there are training programs for 8 cycles for GP doctors, for general practitioners of KVP and polyclinics, related narrow specialists.

  Dlya obucheniya slushateley imeetsya lektsionnыy material prepodnosimyy v vide prezentatsiy, plan prakticheskix zanyatiy, perechen testovyx voprosov i prakticheskix navыkov.

  Lectures are given by the head. Department, PhD, Associate Professor I.R. Aghababyan. Practical and seminar classes are conducted by assistants Zh.A. Ismailov, N.M. Dzhabbarova, Yu.A. Ismailova.
  The students' knowledge is taken into account according to the rating system. Current control is carried out by oral questioning and practical work of cadets during classes.

Bypass Assistant Professor I. R. Aghababyan. with listeners.
Over the past 2 years, 2 teaching aids and 1 monograph have been published for students.
1. Agababyan I.R., Shodieva G.R. "The place and role of peripheral vasodilators in the complex treatment of chronic heart failure" Samarkand 2019, 36 pages - Methodological manual
for general practitioners, cardiologists and cadets of the faculty of postgraduate education.
2. Agababyan I.R., Aghababyan L.R. "Pregnancy and childbirth in women with congenital heart defects" Samarkand 2019, 20 pages - Methodological guidelines for physicians, cardiologists and cadets of the faculty of postgraduate education.

Dotsent I.R.Agababyan tinglovchilar bilan bemorlar ko’rigida

Research work

  The main scientific direction of the department is: problems of diagnosis, features of the clinical course and treatment of CHF in comorbid conditions.
  On the topics of this direction, 3 PhD dissertations are being carried out: Assistant Ruzieva A.A., Ass.Ismailov Zh.A. and Assistant S.Sh. Soleeva
The staff of the department has published monographs, more than 30 methodological and scientific developments, more than 400 scientific articles. Developed 1 invention.
One monograph was prepared at the department:
Aghababyan I.R. “Chronic heart failure. New aspects of pathogenesis and treatment”. Tashkent, 2019, 158 pages
Scientific publications (for 2019-2020)

Participation in an international conference